What happened in the race to the South Pole?

What happened in the race to the South Pole?

In 1911, Britain’s Robert Falcon Scott and Norway’s Roald Amundsen both launched expeditions to reach the Pole. It would end in victory for Amundsen – and tragedy for Scott.

What was the great race to the South Pole?

The last great race on earth, to the geographical South Pole, was conducted exactly 100 years ago, in the austral summer of 1911–1912. Two teams were in contention: one British, led by Robert Falcon Scott, the other Norwegian, headed by Roald Amundsen.

Why did Scott lose the race to the South Pole?

The seals on the stores of fuel broke, and fuel leaked out, so they didn’t have enough fuel, which contributed to them freezing to death. But Scott also made some terrible, terrible mistakes. He planned on four people going to the pole, but then he changed his mind at the last minute.

Who won the race to the Pole?

Roald Amundsen
Lessons from the Arctic – How Roald Amundsen Won the Race to the South Pole. This book attempts to explain how Roald Amundsen won the race to the South Pole. It contains information and original photos gleaned from his expeditions and meticulous planning and preparations over many years.

How did Roald Amundsen get to the South Pole?

Using a route along the previously unknown Axel Heiberg Glacier, they arrived at the edge of the Polar Plateau on 21 November after a four-day climb. The team and 16 dogs arrived at the pole on 14 December, a month before Scott’s group. Amundsen named their South Pole camp Polheim.

Who owns South Pole?

The entire continent of Antarctica has no official political boundaries, although many nations and territories claim land there. The South Pole is claimed by seven nations: Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Did Shackleton reach the South Pole?

A sledging party, led by Shackleton, reached within 97 nautical miles (112 statute miles or 180 km) of the South Pole, and another, under T.W. Edgeworth David, reached the area of the south magnetic pole.

What year was Roald Amundsen at the South Pole?

June 3, 1910
Amundsen’s South Pole expedition/Start dates

Who was with Amundsen when he reached the South Pole?

For the first journey, to begin on 10 February, Amundsen chose Prestrud, Helmer Hanssen and Johansen to accompany him; 18 dogs would pull three sledges.

Who won the race to the North Pole in 1911?

On December 14, 1911, Amundsen’s expedition won the race to the Pole and returned safely to base camp in late January. Scott’s expedition was less fortunate.

What is the ‘race to the South Pole’?

Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, and Englishman Robert Falcon Scott led expeditions that set out at the same time, determined to beat each other to the Pole, so their efforts became known as the ‘Race to the South Pole’.

Who was the first person to reach the South Pole?

Roald Amundsen was the first person to reach the South Pole. He used dog sleds to get there. Robert Falcon Scott tried to get to the South Pole too. He tried twice, and made it the second time. But Amundsen had beaten him there.

What happened to the expedition to the South Pole in 1911?

His expedition reached Ross Island on 4 January 1911, and set off for the South Pole on dog sleds, ponies, and motorised vehicles on 1 November 1911. The motorised vehicles and ponies were abandoned in a few days, being found to be useless in the snow.


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