What happened to Paige Grewcock?

What happened to Paige Grewcock?

Paige Grewcock is doing very well after the gun store of her stepfather was close down with his license taken. She is currently working on becoming a great model to double up with being an actress in Hollywood.

Is Renee Wyatt still married?

Renee Wyatt Mother to Kurt and Paige Wyatt from her previous marriage to Charles Grewcock of Connecticut, whom Renee divorced in 2007. Renee married Rich Wyatt in 2010 after giving birth to two younger daughters, Brooke born in 2006 and Ginger born in 2009.

What happened to Red Jacket Firearms cast?

The Aftermath. Hayden left multiple victims in his smoking crater of destruction, but by most reports, his victims, family, and former business partners are moving on with their lives. Notably, his shop, Red Jacket Firearms, is now closed.

What happened to William Hayden?

However, everything came crashing down in the show’s fifth season, when Hayden was accused of raping a minor. He was later convicted of multiple felonies and is now serving two life sentences to run concurrently, plus an additional 40 years, for his crimes.

What happened to Red Jacket Firearms owner?

Who is Paige Wyatt from American guns?

Paige Wyatt gained her fame through her appearance from the show “American Guns.” Despite having the sales associate’s role, she acted the part so passionately that it became the path for her success. The former reality show star Paige is a millionaire.

How tall is Paige Wyatt height?

Paige Wyatt was born on October 30, 1994. Her birth sign is Scorpio. She the daughter of Renee Wyatt and step-daughter of Rick Wyatt. She stands at the height of 5′ 7″ (1.7 m). Wyatt was involved in the business of the gun store named “Gunsmoke Guns.”. She has her own gun collection and a website to sell named Paige Wyatt merchandise.

Who is Paige from the challenge?

Paige is also a minor Hollywood actress, who is fast rising to fame all thanks to the role she plays in the reality TV series. She has managed to attract a multitude of fans, who never miss an episode featuring her. Paige is also focused on growing her professional modeling career.

Who is Paige Wyatt’s father?

Paige Wyatt was born on October 30, 1994, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She was formerly named Paige Grewcock as her mother, Reene Wyatt, welcomed her with her former husband, Charles Grewcock. However, after her parents divorced and her mother tied the knot with her step-father, Rich Wyatt, her last name was changed.


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