What is a dual layer DVD drive?

What is a dual layer DVD drive?

The double layer or Dual Layer disc, also called DVD-R9, is a derivative of the DVD-R format standard. DVD-R DL discs hold 8.5 GB by utilizing two recordable dye layers, each capable of storing a little less than the 4.7 gigabyte (GB) of a single layer disc, almost doubling the total disc capacity.

Does DVD-RW allow double layer recording?

DVD-RW is a 4.7 gigabyte capacity, rewriteable recording media format which is capable of more than 1,000 rewrites. Some stand-alone DVD players will play video recorded on DVD-RW discs, although the format is not normally compatible. DVD+R DL is the dual-layer version of the DVD+R media.

Is DVD burner dual layer compatible?

Hi: Normally if you look carefully at all the symbols on the face plate of the drive you will see on the DVD Multi icon. At the bottom of that, you should see a little R DL. That means it will write Dual Layer.

What is the difference between single layer and dual layer DVD?

Dual-layer recording allows DVD-R and DVD+R discs to store significantly more data, up to 8.5 gigabytes per disc, compared with 4.7 gigabytes for single-layer discs. A dual-layer disc differs from its usual DVD counterpart by employing a second physical layer within the disc itself.

Can I record on a DVD-RW?

(1) A recordable or rewritable DVD drive that is connected to the computer. The device may also record on one or more DVD rewritable formats (DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM). The DVD recorder is not to be confused with a DVR (digital video recorder).

How do I burn a dual layer disc?

How to burn dual layer DVD’s to resolve layer break point?

  1. Step 1: From the menu bar choose [Mode > Build]
  2. Step 2: Once in Build mode, click the little [Browse for a folder] icon as shown.
  3. Step 3: Navigate to the location where VIDEO_TS, then click [OK]
  4. Step 4: Click the [Calculate Image Size] button on the right bottom.

Which external DVD drive is best?

The Top 5 Best External DVD Drives In 2021

  • Our Top Picks. LG 8X Multi Ultra Slim GP65NB60. Asus ZenDrive. Pioneer BDR-XD05B.
  • Best External DVD Drives: First Look. LG 8X Multi Ultra Slim GP65NB60. Asus ZenDrive. Pioneer BDR-XD05B. Dell DW316. Apple USB SuperDrive.

Can I burn CDs with a DVD-RW drive?

You must have a disc drive capable of burning a CD (compact disc) and a blank recordable CD-R (recordable CD-ROM). For example, a CD-RW and DVD-RW are examples of drives capable of burning a CD. A standard CD-ROM drive cannot burn a CD with any software program.

Can a DVD-RW drive play DVDs?

Unless your drive is a DVD drive or a DVD combo drive, which is a drive capable of reading multiple disc formats including DVDs, it cannot read DVD discs. However, a DVD+R or DVD+RW drive is also capable of reading DVD discs.


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