What is a MileSplit in running?

What is a MileSplit in running?

Split is a running and racing term that means the time that it takes to complete a specific distance. For example, if you’re running five miles, your time at each mile marker is called a “mile split.” Some runners use splits to see if they’re pacing evenly and staying on track to hit a specific goal.

Is there a MileSplit app?

MileSplit – Published the first MileSplit app today in the… | Facebook.

What is MileStat?

MileStat.com | Virginia High School Running News and Videos | Cross Country and Track & Field.

Who is the fastest high school cross country runner 2020?

In 2020, national youth cross-country record-holder Jenna Hutchins became the first girl to ever run a 5K race in under 16 minutes (15:58).

How much does it cost to join MileSplit?

The yearly subscription gives you unlimited access to all MileSplit original content, athlete profiles,interviews, rankings, and live events. Monthly Cost is $11.99 but the yearly is the best buy at $48.00.

Who runs MileSplit?

Jason Byrne
MileSplit was founded in 2001 by then college sophomore Jason Byrne.

Is MileSplit Pro free?

MileSplit Online Registration is FREE!

What is a good cross country 5k time?

Based totally on my own experience, I’d say 18–22 minutes is a reasonable time for a 5k, especially if it’s your first year doing distance runs. While there will be freshman who can run 15 minute 5ks, that’s the exception, not the rule.

Is a MileSplit account free?

How do I create a MileSplit account?

If you do not have a MileSplit or state site username and password, you have to register for a free MileSplit username. Once you register, login (top right corner), go to the meet page, click on the green enter online now button – then enter individual. It will identify you by name and email from your username.


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