What is a passing score on the MoGEA?

What is a passing score on the MoGEA?

Test results MoGEA passing scores are set by the Missouri State Board of Education; examinees must pass all four subtests. Paraprofessional passing scores are set by Missouri State Board of Education; the current passing score is 220. Score reports are released within 3 weeks of testing.

How do I pass the MoGEA test?

To pass the MoGEA, there is no set time to study. It depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the participant in relation to the skills covered on the test. The basic rule for assessments is to multiply the testing time by four, or by five if you feel you don’t have a handle on the material.

What is the MoGEA test?

The MoGEA test is a five hour examination, which consists of an equal distribution of 160 multiple choice questions over four sections that pertain to English Language Arts, Mathematics (Yes, you are provided with an on-screen four-function calculator and a formula page for the Mathematics section.), Science, and …

What is mega score?

Your Mega Score is the sum of all your individual Pops! ‘ high scores. When you surpass your previous high score with a Pop!, the additional points will be added to your Mega Score.

What is a passing score on the paraprofessional test in Missouri?


Format Internet-based test (IBT) and online-proctored test; 90 multiple-choice questions
Test Sites Internet-Based Testing Available at test centers across Missouri. View test center locations.
Passing Score 220
Reference Materials Provided for This Test None
Test Fee $41 Review fee and payment information.

Is the Mega the same as the MoGEA?

All scored MEGA program tests, including the MoGEA, are computer-based tests (CBTs) that you can take at a Pearson testing center year-round. Registration is handled online through the MEGA website, and you’ll be able to schedule your test during this process.

What kind of math is on the MoGEA?

The MoGEA Mathematics exam will evaluate your comprehension of several mathematical concepts, including Statistics and Data Analysis (25 percent); Measurement and Geometry (25 percent); and Numbers and Algebra (50 percent).

Can you use a calculator on the MoGEA?

Certain MEGA exams will provide an on-screen calculator for you to use. However, you cannot bring your own calculator to the exam. Listed below are the MEGA exams that provide an on-screen calculator, along with the type of calculator provided: MoGEA Mathematics subtest: standard four-function calculator.

How long does it take to get MoGEA results?

two to six weeks
Your MoGEA score report will be available within two to six weeks after your exam. The exact amount of time you’ll wait will depend on whether you took your test earlier or later in the testing window.

How much does the MoGEA cost?

New Fees (Effective July 1, 2019)

Paraprofessional $41*
Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) $59* for all four subtests (no fee change for a single subtest)
Elementary Education Multi-Content $94 for all four subtests (no fee change for single subtest or other multiple subtest combinations)

How many times can you take the MoGEA test?

Retaking the MoGEA You may retake the entire test in one sitting, or retake them individually; note that you may choose the one sitting option only once, so if you have already done this, you will have to register for each retake independently.

How hard is the mega test?

Many test-takers are surprised at how difficult a MEGA exam can be to pass, even after studying and taking college courses. Passing rates vary for each MEGA exam and change from year to year. For the Missouri Content Assessments, recent passing percentages range from 39% to 94% depending on the specific exam.


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