What is CaptainSparklez good at in Minecraft?

What is CaptainSparklez good at in Minecraft?

CaptainSparklez (Jordan Maron) is a recurring competitor in the MC Championship. He is well known for his Minecraft videos including parkour maps, music videos and more. He is also a member of Vault Hunters SMP as the original vault hunter as well as Shady Oaks SMP. He has competed in every regular event since MCC 1.

What’s CaptainSparklez real name?

Jordan Maron
Jordan Maron (born February 10, 1992), also known by his online alias CaptainSparklez, is an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, gamer, and electronic musician.

Who were the YouTubers in Minecraft story mode?


  • Members. TheDiamondMinecart, Stampy Cat (StampyLongHead), CaptainSparklez, LDShadowLady, Stacy Plays, Anthony (Bigbst4tz2)
  • Allies. Jesse’s Gang.
  • Enemies. The White Pumpkin, Hostile Mobs, Romeo.
  • First. Appearance. “A Portal to Mystery”
  • Last. Appearance. “Above and Beyond” (Stacy Plays & Stampy Cat)

Why is CaptainSparklez rich?

CaptainSparklez, real name Jordan Maron, has made his living almost entirely by posting videos of himself playing Minecraft on YouTube. The money comes from a mix of YouTube ad revenue and sales of merchandise like tee shirts and baseball hats. Not bad for a college dropout who plays video games all day.

Does Captain puffy have a son?

Captain Puffy and Jschalt got married, and Puffy gave birth to Tubbo shortly after.

What is CaptainSparklez real name?

Jordan Maron (born: February 10, 1992 [age 27] ), better known online as CaptainSparklez, is an American YouTube gamer and reactor. He is most known for his Minecraft gameplay, he also reacts to posts on Reddit with the posts on r/CaptainSparklez occasionally.

Who has more subscribers CaptainSparklez or TheSyndicateProject?

After Jordan competed with his friend Tom’s channel ” TheSyndicateProject ” to have more subscribers, CaptainSparklez finally surpassed him with about 50,000 more subscribers than TheSyndicateProject, although Tom now mainly focuses on vlogging on a different channel.

When did CaptainSparklez start his channel?

He posted mostly Call of Duty videos and worked for Machinima. On the 23rd of July, 2010 he created his new channel CaptainSparklez due to the explicit language in his other YouTube channel, and kept with posting Call Of Duty gameplay. His name derived from a dare by Seananners.

Why did CaptainSparklez change from chemical engineering to computer science?

On the 30th of May, 2011, an interview with CaptainSparklez was held with a popular Minecraft podcast titled as, The Shaft. During their discussion, Jordan did state that after a short time experiencing being in gaming industry (from an outside perspective), this led to him switching from chemical engineering to computer science.


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