What is CLS compliant?

What is CLS compliant?

The CLSCompliantAttribute attribute is used to indicate whether a particular program element complies with the Common Language Specification (CLS), which defines the features that any language that targets . If no CLSCompliantAttribute is applied to a program element, then by default: The assembly is not CLS-compliant.

What is a CLS code?

Common Language Specification (CLS) is a set of basic rules and it is expected that a . NET language must satisfy them. Though C# is probably the biggest language in . Writing C# programs by using only CLS-compliant code gives great portability among other . NET programs written in other .

Which is not a CLS compliant language?

NET languages that don’t allow underscores at the start of property names, hence it is not CLS-compliant. Visual Studio includes this line in the AssemblyInfo. cs file which can be found under Properties in most projects.

What does this API is not CLS compliant mean?

In any case, the reason unsigned integers are not CLS compliant is that Microsoft decided that languages didn’t have to support unsigned integers in order to be considered “CLS compatible”.

Why is CLS compliant?

CLS-compliance is particularly important if you’re distributing libraries – specifically, writing CLS compliant guarantees that your libraries will be usable by all CLS-compliant languages. For instance, Visual Basic is not case-sensitive, whereas C# is.

How do I make my class CLS compliant?

The following are the basic rules that should be followed when writing a CLS complaint C# code.

  1. Unsigned types should not be part of the public interface of the class.
  2. Unsafe types like pointers should not be used with public members.
  3. Class names and member names should not differ only based on their case.

What is CLI language?

CLI languages are computer programming languages that are used to produce libraries and programs that conform to the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specifications. Some of these languages also require the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).

What is CLS compliant in C#?

Net classes, which will be used by other . Net classes irrespective of the language they are implemented, then your code should conform to the CLS [Common Language Specification]. This means that your class should only expose features that are common across all .

What is CLS in advanced web programming?

CLS stands for Common Language Specification and it is a subset of CTS. It defines a set of rules and restrictions that every language must follow which runs under the . NET framework. In simple words, CLS enables cross-language integration or Interoperability.

What is CLS in net?

Since there are numerous different languages, . NET has specified those commonalities in something called the Common Language Specification (CLS). CLS defines a set of features that are needed by many common applications.


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