What is Des freischutz about?

What is Des freischütz about?

Der Freischütz was the most acclaimed of Weber’s completed operas, fewer than a dozen. It is a dark tale of a young forester who finds himself, unknowingly, in league with the Devil as he attempts to win a shooting contest so as to earn his girlfriend’s hand in marriage. The opera was instantly popular.

What does Der Freischutz mean in English?

The Marksman
Der Freischütz is an opera in three acts by Carl Maria von Weber with a libretto by Friedrich Kind. It premiered on 18 June 1821 at the Schauspielhaus Berlin. The title is usually translated as The Marksman, or The Freeshooter.

Is Der Freischutz a Singspiel?

Der Freischütz is a Singspiel, the traditional German spoken play-cum-opera. For its first audiences, Aldrich writes, the Singspiel was “a return to an old and native form of German opera that had been crowded out by the importations from Italy and France”.

What is chorus of the Huntsman about?

The story concerns a young brave huntsman called Max, and the full [production features the well-known Huntsmen’s Chorus sung by his band of men throughout Bohemian woods. Both the composition and the story are prototypical examples Romantic Opera-writing.

What happens in the Wolf’s Glen scene?

The opera, known in English as ‘The Marksman,’ is about a poor woodsman, Max, who, in order to win the hand of his beloved Agathe, must win a shooting contest. On the first day of the contest, he fails. The Wolf’s Glen scene remains one of the most powerful devilish scenes in opera – but it’s not the only one.

When was chorus of the Huntsman written?

Hunter’s Chorus is a chorus taken from one of his most popular operas, called Der Freischutz, written in the late 1810s. This opera is the story of a huntsman who uses magic bullets! This piece was originally written for four horns (have a listen below) so that they sound like hunting horns.

Who wrote hunters chorus?

Carl Maria von Weber
Hunters’ Chorus was written by Carl Maria von Weber (pronounced Vay-ber). Weber was a very busy man because he was a musician, composer, conductor and pianist! He wrote operas and music for the clarinet, piano and other instruments.

When was hunters chorus composed?

When was Hunter’s chorus composed?

277, Op. 77 The Marksman or The Freeshooter) is a German opera with spoken dialogue in three acts by Carl Maria von Weber with a libretto by Friedrich Kind, based on a story by Johann August Apel and Friedrich Laun from their 1811 collection Gespensterbuch. It premiered on 18 June 1821 at the Schauspielhaus Berlin.

Who composed hunters chorus?


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