What is personal information questionnaire?

What is personal information questionnaire?

Personal Information Questionnaire or the PIQ form is the form that a candidate has to fill on his arrival. This questionnaire becomes the basis of the Personal Interview that the candidate has to face later. Write carefully as questions will be asked to you from the interest that you write in your PIQ form.

How do you fill out a personal information questionnaire?

How to fill PIQ form correctly in SSB interview:

  1. Take your time and carefully fill the PIQ form.
  2. Write clean and neat, write the correct thing in the correct place.
  3. Furnish all the details – education qualification, responsibilities held, hobbies, etc.
  4. Avoid cutting & overwriting.

How is a PIQ form looks like?

The basic PIQ form is of two pages, it includes questions related to your academics, relatives, self and other miscellaneous questions. Candidate must keep full attention while filling this form, write legible and to the point, do not overwrite and exaggerate personal information.

What is PIQ in SSB?

Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) is a confidential document in SSB. It is just like question bank for your Personal Interview, Most of the questions asked by the Interviewing Officer will be based on your PIQ details, they might be directly or indirectly related to your PIQ Form.

What is place of maximum residence?

The Maximum Residence Rule (MRR) states that students who fail to finish the requirements of a degree program of any college within a prescribed period of actual residence shall not be allowed to register further in that college. The faculty of each college shall designate the approving authority for such extensions.

What is the nature of commission?

A commission is a fee that a business pays to a salesperson in exchange for his or her services in either facilitating, supervising, or completing a sale. The commission may be based on a flat fee arrangement, or (more commonly) as a percentage of the revenue generated.

Is GK asked in SSB?

The exam has got G.K. section also in the exam. While G.K is also considered in front up to a level in SSB also. SSB interview is not totally driven over G.K., but being average in G.K. can raise your impression on the interviewing officer. Some of the G.K. related questions asked in AFCAT interview are as follows.

Is SSB easy?

SSB is difficult but not impossible. If they can crack it one go, you can too. The candidates who will be declared qualified in the written exam will be called for the SSB interview rounds.


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