What is pharmaceutical technology?

What is pharmaceutical technology?

Pharmaceutical-technology.com is a website that gives international updates on projects and trends in markets such as biotechnology, therapeutics, and vaccines. The site also provides market data, press releases, and listings of pharmaceutical equipment, suppliers, products, and services.

What do you mean by pharmaceutics?

Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with the process of turning a new chemical entity (NCE) or old drugs into a medication to be used safely and effectively by patients. It is also called the science of dosage form design. Physical pharmacy. Pharmaceutical jurisprudence.

What is M Pharm in pharmaceutical technology?

Master of Pharmacy or M. Pharm in Pharmaceutical Technology is a two-year full-time postgraduate program in pharmacy. The purpose of the program is to essentially deal with biotechnology, chemical intermediates, manufacturing equipment, packaging machinery amongst others.

What are pharmaceutical products?

Any medicine intended for human use, presented in its finished dosage form that is subject to control by pharmaceutical legislation (registered). A product may be sold under a brand name (e.g., Valium) or under the generic name (e.g., diazepam).

What do you learn in pharmaceutics?

If you study pharmacy at university, you will typically take modules focusing on chemistry, human biology and physiology, pharmaceutics (how medicines are made) and pharmacology (how drugs interact with the body).

What is the basic area of pharmaceutics?

Pharmaceutics is divided into two sub-disciplines: physical pharmacy and pharmacokinetics. Physical pharmacy is that area which is concerned with the development of drug dosage forms. Pharmacokinetics is concerned with factors which influence drug absorption, distribution metabolism and elimination.

Is pharmaceutical technology hard?

It is hard and requires a minimum of 8 hours of study of very complex and difficult subject matters. A “WEAK” student would not make it pass first year. That student might not make the admission process to the program. There’s an Associate Degree programs in Pharmacy.

How long does it take to become a pharmaceutical tech?

The duration of the course is four years and it is career orienting in nature.

Are vitamins considered pharmaceuticals?

Dietary supplements aren’t regulated like pharmaceutical drugs, so that means they shouldn’t contain pharmaceutical drugs. Yet over the last decade, more than 750 supplement brands have been found to be tainted with drugs—sometimes containing two or more hidden drug ingredients, a new study finds.



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