What is the antonym of train?

What is the antonym of train?

What is the opposite of train?

decondition abandon
confuse leave
end finish
free close
move unsettle

What’s another word for Detrain?

What is another word for detrain?

get off disembark
descend from disembark from
dismount from come down
deplane from detrain from
get down from pile out

What is the meaning of detraining?

Detraining is defined as: “the partial or complete loss of training induced anatomical, physiological or performance adaptations as a consequence of training reduction or cessation” (80).

What are the antonyms of descend?

antonyms for descend

  • ascend.
  • go up.
  • grow.
  • increase.
  • leave.
  • rise.
  • even.
  • level.

What is the antonym of trail?

verb. ( ˈtreɪl) To lag or linger behind. Antonyms. ascend ride linger descend go fall follow. fall back drag get behind drop behind hang back. trail (English)

What is the synonym of stamp?

imprint, print, impress, punch, inscribe, engrave, chase, etch, carve, emboss, deboss, brand, frank, mark, label. 4’the date was stamped indelibly on his memory’ fix, inscribe, etch, carve, imprint, impress, register.

Is affected an adjective?

One of the most common vocabulary mix-ups is effect and affect: effect is usually a noun, and affect is usually a verb that means “to influence” of “act upon.” Affected is the adjective form of the verb.

Is Detraining a bad thing?

The biggest worry when training sessions are lost for whatever reason is ‘detraining’ – losing fitness. This happens because of a key principle in exercise physiology called ‘reversibility’: gains in fitness occurring as a result of training are steadily lost once training ceases.

What causes Detraining?

Detraining (often referred to as ‘reversibility’) reflects the fact that if a training stimulus is insufficient, or removed entirely, then the aspect of physiological conditioning to which it relates begins to decline. In other words, the individual begins to lose ‘fitness’.

Which is the closest antonym for the word lavish?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  • lavish. Antonyms: chary, sparing, niggardly, economical, dainty, close, retentive. Synonyms: profuse, unsparing, extravagant, bountiful, wasteful, prodigal.
  • lavishverb. Antonyms: husband, store, keep, retain, accumulate, hoard, treasure, spare. Synonyms:

What is the opposite of a decent person?

(of a person) Opposite of having suitable conformity to basic moral standards. dishonest. dishonorableUS. ignoble. unethical.


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