What is the average swim time in a triathlon?

What is the average swim time in a triathlon?

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Triathlon Distance Swim Distance Average Participant Finish Time
Sprint .75K 1:15-1:45
Olympic 1.5K 2:30-3:30
Half-Iron 1.2mi. 5:00-6:30
Iron 2.4mi. 10:00-14:00

How many times a week should I swim for triathlon?

Swim Frequency by Level So, you need to figure out how much time you can devote to your swim, in tandem with whatever other goals you may have like triathlon training, strength training and so on. I usually recommend three swim sessions per week to maintain the balance of time and life demands.

How do I train for a triathlon book?


  1. Triathlon for Beginners, Dan Golding.
  2. Triathlon for the Every Woman, Meredith Atwood.
  3. Your First Triathlon, Joe Friel.
  4. Fast Track Triathlete, Matt Dixon.
  5. 80/20 Triathlon, Matt Fitzgerald.
  6. The Triathlete’s Training Bible 4th Edition, Joe Friel.
  7. Your Best Triathlon, Joe Friel.

How much of a triathlon is swimming?

How many miles is a triathlon? The most common triathlon distance follows international Olympic guidelines. It includes a swim of 0.93 miles (1.5 kilometers), a bicycle ride of 24.8 miles (40 kilometers) and a run of 6.2 miles (10 kilometers).

What is the best triathlon for beginners?

As a triathlon beginner, we recommend starting with a sprint triathlon (generally a 500-meter swim, a 20K bike, and a 5K run), but if you’re interested in longer distances you can learn more about what those entail here.

How do you eat like a triathlete?

Eat Like A Pro Triathlete

  1. Plan properly. Plan your meals and shopping.
  2. Ditch the excuses. Don’t make training an excuse.
  3. Play your carbs right. Time things so that you eat complex carbohydrates either side of training.
  4. Get hungry again. Avoid grazing.
  5. Mix it up. Eat a wide variety of foods.
  6. Drink carefully.
  7. Eat lighter later.

What is the hardest part of a triathlon?

The Run – Arguably the run is the hardest discipline of any triathlon because you are already fatigued from the swim and the bike, and your body is screaming out for a rest.

What are the best triathlon books in 2019?

The Best Triathlon Books in 2019. 1. The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide. This book was written by Joe Friel who is one of the most trusted triathlon coaches in the world.

Is strengthstrength training for triathletes a good book to read?

Strength Training for Triathletes is rated 4.0 out of 5 at GoodReads. For those looking for Ironman training books, legendary pro Matt Dixon delivers the goods in his Fast-Track Triathlete: Balancing a Big Life with Big Performance in Long-Course Triathlon.

What is the best training program for a beginner triathlon?

Novice and beginner triathletes will appreciate training programs for: 10-week off-season training, 14-week pre-season training, and 14-week race-prep training programs, with full and half-Ironman distance plans structured with key workouts plus strength and conditioning exercises. Fast-Track Triathlete is rated 4.4 out of 5 at GoodReads.

What are the best books for Ironman athletes?

The IronFit book series has been refined over a decade and offers a goldmine of knowledge for Ironman athletes. The authors Don and Melanie Fink also have published IronFit Triathlon Training for Women. In short, they’ve written some great books in the IronFit series that worth exploring.


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