What is the best class in Zenonia 4?

What is the best class in Zenonia 4?

The Druide is arguably the most versatile class in Zenonia 4, as well as being the hardest to play. There are many ways to build your character—it’s not as cut and dry as the melee classes.

How do you use upgrade stones in Zenonia 5?

You use an Upgrade stone by double tapping on it, select Use, then switch to your Equipment screen and select a piece that has a free slot.

How do you level up fast in Zenonia 5?

However, use the following game play strategies to help you on how to make more Zenonia 5 gold.

  1. Save Often and Reset When You Die.
  2. Grind Lower Level Enemies.
  3. Use SP Absorb Titles and Gears to Lower Your SP Potion Cost.
  4. Upgrade Gears to Tank Enemies and Avoid HP Potion Cost.
  5. Execution and Movement.

How do you get upgrade stones in Zenonia 5?

Upgrade Stones Accessed from the blacksmith through the Make Upgrade Stone menu option, this involves higher grade equipment (blue Magic, yellow Rare, purple Epic and orange Unique).

How do you craft in Zenonia 5?

Combine. Straightforward, traditional crafting, you select a recipe out of a set of categories and it will show an ingredient list along with your current stockpile of those ingredients. If you have enough, you can select the Make button and for 100 gold it will be created.

What kind of character is the blader in Zenonia 4?

Zenonia 4 is the fourth of the five Zenonia games. The Blader in Zenonia 4 is your typical fast damaging but fragile character. Its equivalent in the previous installment of the series was the Shadow Hunter. The difference is that the Blader is a tad clumsier and more rigid in his movements.

How do you beat bosses in Zenonia 4?

When fighting bosses, you usually want to have extra control of your movement. This is because, unlike the previous games, the bosses in Zenonia 4 require lots of “strategic” dodging and moving around instead of just tanking all the damage. To do this, don’t spam your attack button; tap it slowly.

How do you use Tk in Zenonia 4?

Your TK can also gather your enemies up as you charge up your super attack for some pretty awesome damage. Also remember to have your SP quenched—it takes up a lot of it. The first few bosses in Zenonia 4 can be pretty difficult, because they can kill you in a hit or two. Beat them by having a nonstop stream of TK’s attacking them.

Is the zenoniac title worth it?

The Zenoniac title (+10% to all stats) can be very helpful, and easy to get right off the bat. Just put your iPod/iPhone on sleep without closing your game for 20 hours and you’ll get it. Remember to go to the Abyss. It’s free for you to go once a day, so there’s no downside.


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