What is the best thing to feed deer for antler growth?

What is the best thing to feed deer for antler growth?

For antler growth, deer feed ingredients such as calcium and phosphorous are a must. Does, generally, will require a range of nutrients and trace minerals during the spring fawning season. What they don’t already get through the environment they can obtain from a good mineral block like the Big Tine Block.

Who owns Antler King?

Todd Stittleburg
In 1987, Todd Stittleburg, Founder and owner of Antler King Trophy Products Inc., developed and started marketing the very first of many Antler King products.

Does protein help deer antler growth?

The main reason to feed protein is because deer and all other mammals need it to grow. It’s not only how they build and grow muscle, but protein is a major component in growing antlers and developing fawns in pregnant does.

What is plot Max?

PLOT MAX is a humic based, organic liquid carbon product that is mixed with water and sprayed on new or existing food plots. Food plots grown on soils sprayed with PLOT MAX are less subject to stress such as drought and are healthier which results in higher yields.

Does corn help deer antler growth?

With only six- to eight- percent protein (the “building block” of antlers), corn can barely support daily bodily activities for an adult deer, which does not provide antler growth.

Is corn good for deer?

Corn is high in starch and a good source of digestible energy, but can cause problems in a deer’s digestive system. When deer eat too much corn or other high-‐carbohydrate food, many complex changes occur in the rumen. They quit eating and become lethargic.

What makes deer horns grow big?

Antler growth in whitetail bucks always comes down to three things: age, genetics and nutrition. Antlers get larger as a buck gets older up to a certain point, then they start declining in size. In the situation outlined above, it’s nearly impossible to make meaningful genetic changes in the deer herd.

Is liquid fertilizer good for food plots?

According to Grantham, there are two major benefits for wildlife when using liquid fertilizer for food plots. First off, liquid fertilizer makes the plants more palatable to wildlife. In essence, they just taste better. The second reason is liquid fertilizer acts as a mineral lick attracting wildlife.

What is a good protein to feed deer?

Productive, high-protein food plots in peas, beans or lab-lab can provide up to 35 percent protein when properly fertilized and are also very palatable, so your deer are able to digest most of the protein and nutrients that they consume.

What is antantler King’s deer nutrition?

Antler King has researched deer nutrition for over 25 years. In the past couple of years, research has pointed to the vast importance of certain special trace minerals that will greatly enhance overall health and antler growth. Huge 20 lb. Block fortified with vitamins/minerals.

What is antler King Trophy products?

For over 30 years Antler King Trophy Products Inc. has been helping people grow bigger bucks and healthier deer through food plots and feed supplements. Whether you hunt on four acres or 40,000 acres, Antler King products will help you grow bigger bucks and healthier deer.

Why choose antler King food plot products for deer hunting?

If your food plot does not produce ample tonnage, the deer will mow it down before the hunting season even starts, potentially ruining your hunt. That’s why Antler King food plot products are developed to produce the most tonnage.

When should I apply antler King’s jolt?

You may apply Antler King’s Jolt up until frost stops the growth of your food plots. Get ready to start your winter feeding program or continuing a year-round feeding program by utilizing Deer/Elk Protein Pellets, Energy Plus Wildlife Blocks, Hi Protein Big Buck Blocks and Attract-N-Fuel.


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