What is the best Weissman score?

What is the best Weissman score?

HBO’s satirical show Silicon Valley begins with a programmer who accidentally develops a radically efficient new algorithm for compressing data. We know the algorithm is great because we are told it achieved a “Weissman score” of 2.89, the highest yet recorded.

What’s the best compression algorithm?

6 Lossless Data Compression Algorithms

  • LZ77. LZ77, released in 1977, is the base of many other lossless compression algorithms.
  • LZR. LZR, released in 1981 by Michael Rodeh, modifies LZ77.
  • LZSS. Lempel-Ziv-Storer-Szymanski (LZSS), released in 1982, is an algorithm that improves on LZ77.
  • LZMA.
  • LZMA2.

Is middle out compression real?

Is middle-out compression real? – Quora. The algorithm itself is fictional. The “Weissman Score” used for measuring the efficiency of compression was a piece of fiction before the show was conceived. However the show’s creator Mike Judge collaborated with actual researchers to turn the Weissman Score into a real thing.

What is the best file compression ratio?

Max compression / decompression performances test

Utility, format, level Compression SSD (sec) Compression ratio
WinRar, RAR, normal 13.8 26.53%
WinRar, RAR, best 48.0 26.04%
WinZip, ZIPX, fastest 3.0 34.65%
WinZip, ZIPX, enhanced deflate 21.0 31.02%

Is Pied Piper compression possible?

The Pied Piper algorithm from the show Silicon Valley is a video compression software program written in C that achieves a Weissman score in the fives. This type of video compression technology is said to be able to actually shrink the internet by as much as 10 percent with widespread adoption.

Is Pied Piper compression real?

Pied Piper, the fictional startup of HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” began as a data compression company. Weissman developed a new compression metric, the Weissman Score, for the show; real-world researchers even started using it.

Is Pied Piper algorithm possible?

Pied Piper, the fictional startup headed by a tech genius who created a revolutionary algorithm from Silicon Valley, doesn’t exist in real life.

Why is 7-Zip popular?

While 7-Zip provides support for ZIP files, you get better results using the software’s own 7z format, which uses advanced LZMA and LZMA2 compression algorithms for superior file-squashing. The brains behind 7-Zip suggest that 7z is typically between 30% and 70% more efficient than the old ZIP format.

What is the fastest compression?

Compression / decompression comparison with fastest ZIP

Utility, format, algorithm, level Compression (sec) Archive size (MB)
WinRar, ZIP normal 21.4 407
WinRar, ZIP fastest 15.8 429
WinRar, RAR PPMd fastest 12.1 391
PeaZip, 7Z LZMA2 fastest 15.7 386

What is the use of bzip2 compression?

BZip2 compression is usually applied to TAR archive format, which is usually employed to provide archiving of data and metadata on Unix and Unix-like systems, and it can also be used as alternative compression algorithm in ZIP and 7Z files – resulting archives can be read from most file archivers (including PeaZip).

What is the difference between bzip2 and tar?

Due this by-design limitation, on Unix/Linux systems BZip2 compression (as well as Gzip, XZ,…) is usually cascaded to TAR archiving – multiple files data and metadata (file attributes, date/time etc) are consolidated into a single uncompressed .tar container – producing TBZ2 file, which can be identified with TBZ, TB2, or TAR.BZ2 extension.

Can PeaZip read BZ2 files?

PeaZip features creation and extraction of BZ2 files, can read (open, test and extract) and write (compress to) BZ2 file type. Also, PeaZip can be set to use BZip2 compression as alternative algorithm for ZIP and 7Z formats, in Advanced options tab. BZ2 format features good speed.

Is compcompression better than gzip?

Compression is generally considerably better than that achieved by more conventional LZ77/LZ78-based compressors, and approaches the performance of the PPM family of statistical compressors. The command-line options are deliberately very similar to those of GNU gzip, but they are not identical.


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