What is the black label YG?

What is the black label YG?

The Black Label Inc. (Korean: 더 블랙 레이블; stylized as THEBLACKLABEL or THEBLΛƆKLΛBEL) is a South Korean record label and an associate company of YG Entertainment. It was founded in 2015 by YG producer Teddy and Kush.

Is Blackpink in the black label?

Variety can exclusively share that Somi’s Korean company The Black Label — a subsidiary label of YG Entertainment that’s home to groups like Blackpink, BigBang and iKon — has teamed up with Interscope in partnership for the singer.

Do YG trainees have to pay?

The notable exception to this are groups from the “Big 3” companies – SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. Trainees under these three companies get paid as soon as they debut and generally do not face trainee debt at all, unless they leave before completion of their contracts.

How many YG trainees are there?

We have about 40 now, and most of them were people we contacted first because they were famous for their skills. A few of them will definitely go on to become the nextBig Bang or 2NE1, albeit they’ll be different in music and style.”

Who made Black Label?

It may have been when Johnnie Walker opened his grocery shop in Kilmarnock aged 15, but the whiskies came later. In fact it was not until after his death in 1857, that his son Alexander Walker produced the first blend, Walker’s Old Highland, which eventually evolved into Red and Black Label in 1909.

Who is 24 YG?

Profile: Korean music producer at The Black Label, a sub-label under YG Entertainment.

Is Ella Gross Jennie sister?

Black Pink’s Jennie hung out with her “baby sister” Ella Gross in Ella’s hometown – Los Angeles, California! As many of you know, child model Ella Gross is a YG artist housed under The Black Label, and Jennie commonly refers to her as her “baby sister”, as many fans have pointed out their resemblance.

Who are YYG trainees?

YG Trainees are the trainees under YG Entertainment that have yet to debut in a group. Trainees were introduced through Youth With You, Idol School, YG Treasure Box, K-Pop Star 4, and K-Pop Star 6. Some of these trainees are also apart of YG subsidiary labels such as the Black Label and Shining Star Culture (Chinese label).

Can YG Entertainment trainees drive on their own?

Even if one has a driver’s license and years of experience driving, all YG Entertainment trainees are forbidden from ever driving on their own. We can assume that this is a safety measure to minimize accidents. WINNER member Mino revealed that all idol trainees have to get permission before purchasing a car as well.

What is the name of YG trainee Jane Wang?

Trainees were introduced through Youth With You and K-Pop Star. Some of these trainees are also apart of YG subsidiary labels such as The Black Label and Shining Star Culture (Chinese label). – She is currently participating in the Chinese survival show ‘Youth With You’. – She is going by the name ‘Jane Wang’ on the show.

Who are the current and former members of YG Entertainment?

YG Entertainment. Former artists include Wheesung, Epik High, 1TYM, Gummy, Seven, Minzy, Park Bom, 2NE1, Nam Tae-hyun, Lee Jong-suk, Psy, and B.I. Current artists include Big Bang, CL, Dara, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, Winner, iKon, Blackpink, Sechskies, Jinusean, One, and Treasure 13 as well as actors…


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