What is the cheapest parking at Birmingham Airport?

What is the cheapest parking at Birmingham Airport?

Birmingham Airport Parking Deals

Birmingham Airport Parking Deals
BHX Car Park Per Day* Per Week*
APH Park & Ride BHX £3.28 £26.21
Airparks Drop & Go £3.50 £27.99
Airparks Drop & Go with Electric Vehicle Charge £3.75 £29.99

How much does it cost to park at BHM airport?

How much is long-term parking at BHM Airport?

Lot Duration BHM parking rate
Daily Per Day $12
Hourly Per Day $24
Valet Per Day $19.95
Offsite parking near BHM Airport with shuttle Per Day $4

What is the best parking at Birmingham Airport?

The most convenient car park at Birmingham Airport is Birmingham Valet parking which will meet you right at the terminal. The closest car park is Birmingham Car park 1 & 2. Finally, the best-reviewed is Birmingham Airport Car Park 1 & Skyparksecure Super Saver Meet & Greet.

How much is parking for a week Birmingham Airport?

Book Parking at Birmingham Alabama (BHM) Airport The Best Birmingham airport parking deals from only $9 per day or $63 per week with your AAA Card.

Is there free parking at Birmingham Airport?

You can gain access via a dedicated entrance on Airport Way, the main approach road to the terminal, which is clearly signposted. Stays of up to 20 minutes in this car park are free, making it ideal for dropping off passengers flying from Birmingham Airport.

Can you leave your car at Birmingham Airport?

On arrival at the airport follow the signs for Car Park 1. Car Park 1 is a one minute walk from the check-in desks, making it one of our most convenient car parks. It has plenty of space, too, with over 3,000 parking bays. Car park 1 is also ideal if you’re coming to Birmingham Airport to pick up arriving passengers.

Does Birmingham Airport have parking?

BHM offers multiple parking options for passengers, depending on your travel needs. Our parking deck, located directly adjacent to the terminal, features both hourly and daily parking accommodations. For further assistance with parking, please contact the Birmingham Airport Authority at 205-599-0730.

How much does it cost to stay for up to 2 hours in a short stay car park at Birmingham International Airport?

Birmingham Airport Short Stay Parking

Duration Cost
Up to 1 Hour £06.00
2 hours £12.00
3 hours £18.50
4 hours £24.00

Can you pay by card at Birmingham airport drop off?

Once you have dropped your passenger off, you will either need to pay at the machines or at the exit point, using a debit or credit card. Please note, all our payment machines are now cashless. Premium Set Down is only for dropping off travelling passengers.

Can I just turn up and park at Birmingham Airport?

However, we also welcome passengers who prefer to turn up on the day and offer a wide range of options for parking that range from very short stops for dropping off passengers in our Premium Set Down, through to long-term parking at our off-site car park.

How much does airport parking usually cost?

The rates for daily parking (covered deck parking) are $3 per hour and $19 per day. Parking at the actual airport is not your only option. There are many offsite parking lots that offer to keep your car for you while you are away.

What is the closest airport to Birmingham?

The closest airport to Birmingham is Birmingham Airport (BHX). Distance from Birmingham Airport to Birmingham is 6.7 miles / 10.7 kilometers.

What are parking options do I have at the airport?

Short walk directly to terminal

  • Spacious moving walkways
  • Shuttle service from Extended Parking (Shuttle runs 4 a.m. to 1 a.m.,daily)
  • Social distancing measures throughout
  • No long off-site bus rides
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