What is the difference between LTVP and LTVP+?

What is the difference between LTVP and LTVP+?

Long Term Visit Pass-Plus Scheme Foreign spouses of SCs who submit applications for LTVP would automatically be considered for LTVP+ if they are eligible. The LTVP+ provides foreign spouses of SCs with greater certainty of stay here by granting the holder a longer period of residency.

How long does it take for LTVP to be approved?

If you submitted a Pre-Marriage Long-Term Visit Pass Application (PMLA) before applying for your LTVP, it may take up to six weeks to process your LTVP application. If you did not submit a PMLA, the LTVP processing time may take up to six months.

How do I know if my long term visit pass is valid?

How do I check the expiry date of a Work Pass or Long-Term Pass?

  1. “Enquire” -> “Application/Pass Status”
  2. “Enquire” -> “Employment & Related Pass Validity”

Can Pep holder apply for LTVP?

A foreign employee can bring their family member to Singapore with an LTVP only if: They have a Singapore Employment Pass (EP), S Pass, Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) or EntrePass. For EP, PEP, S Pass holders: Their sponsor (employer) is a Singaporean-registered company.

How do I appeal LTVP rejection?

There will be no format for appeal. You have to write a letter with the reasons and documentation on why they have to reconsider the application for appeal and if it is valid, ICA will reconsider and process it. I think since the MP has already written in, ICA will reconsider based on the facts that you provided.

Is LTVP a Dependant pass?

The passes offered to the family members of Singapore work visa holders, namely the Dependant’s Pass (DP) and the Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP), offer the flexibility to live, go to school and travel freely in Singapore. However, the flexibility of these two passes does not extend to working in Singapore.

Can LTVP holders work in Singapore?

If you are holding a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP or LTVP+) issued by ICA, you can work in Singapore if you get a Letter of Consent ( LOC ). You first need to find a job in Singapore and get the employer to apply for an LOC for you.

Can LTVP be a director?

If a holder of a Long-Term Visit Pass wants to run a business in Singapore, they may: Register a company, listing someone who is ordinarily resident in Singapore (such as a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident) as the company’s director.

Can Loc get rejected?

Existing Dependant Pass LOC holders can continue working until the expiry of their LOC. Can the LOC application get rejected? Indeed, not all Letter of Consent applications are approved. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) evaluates each applicant based on the applicant’s and hiring company’s credentials.

When can apply PR after rejected?

6 months
However, realistically, you should wait at least 6 months before re-submitting your PR application. This is because, in case you are rejected, it is unlikely that your re-application will be approved unless there is a notable change in your circumstances (e.g. higher salary, obtaining new qualifications, etc.).

What do I do if my PR application is rejected?

If my immigration application is refused, do I have to wait before I apply again? If we refuse your application to come to Canada, you can apply again at any time, unless your decision letter says you can’t. You should only apply again if you can include information that you didn’t include before.


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