What is the function of MerSETA?

What is the function of MerSETA?

MerSETA does not train, instead it facilitates the process of training by paying grants, registering moderators and assessors, identifying scarce skills, accrediting providers, monitoring the quality of training, and implementing projects to close the skills gap.

What does MerSETA stand for?

Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority MerSETA.

What is MerSETA grant?

The merSETA informs all stakeholders and all Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs), about an opportunity to apply for Mandatory and Discretionary Grants available from Monday, 8 February 2021. Applications are to be received electronically through the NSDMS platform of the merSETA.

How do I contact MerSETA?

Get In Touch

  1. Call Centre: 086 163 7738.
  2. Email Address: [email protected]

What does merSETA bursary cover?

merSETA scholarship program covers all the student expenses for their further studies, such as accommodation fees, meals, books etc. After merSETA provides the bursary, it wants the student receiving it to complete work or training for them after completing their studies.

What does Agriseta do?

AgriSETA creates and promotes opportunities for social, economic and employment growth for agri-enterprises through relevant, quality and accessible education, training and development in both primary and secondary agriculture, in conjunction with other stakeholders in agriculture.

How do I apply for merseta bursary?

Interested applicants may request an application form by sending an email to [email protected] Interested applicants must also submit copies of the following documents together with the accomplished application forms. Failure to submit these documents may result in their application getting disregarded.

What does MQA bursary cover?

The MQA Bursary provides financial cover for a candidate’s tuition and registration fees. Other expenses such as accommodation, prescribed books, and a toolkit will be covered per semester.

How do you get accredited by Agriseta?

AGRISETA Accreditation Assistance

  1. Completion of AGRISETA Application Forms.
  2. Submission of the AGRISETA application.
  3. Follow up with AGRISETA on the progress of the application.
  4. Guidance on the expectations of AGRISETA during the site visit.

How do I apply for Agriseta funding?

Kindly note that AgriSETA does not fund individuals. The SETA does not accept applications from individuals, this must be done through an accredited training provider, who will be providing the training or qualification. Therefore, a recipient or learner must apply through the relevant employer or training provider.

Who qualifies for MQA bursary?

Bursary Eligibility Criteria The eligibility requirements for the Mining Qualification Authority bursary 2021-22 are: Must be a South African citizen. Must be currently unemployed. Must have either completed Matriculation or currently in Matric.

Does MQA fund postgraduate?

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MQA BURSARY You must be currently in Matric or have completed Matric. You must be studying or intend on studying towards an Undergraduate qualification, in one of the aforementioned fields of study (postgraduate studies will NOT be funded)


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