What is the message of Editha?

What is the message of Editha?

The themes of “Editha” include war, media, and patriotism. War is a major theme in the story and the impetus of the events that take place. The story is set during the Spanish–American War, and the characters all have different perspectives and opinions on it.

What Editha means?

Editha herself is the representation of the American people who blindly supported the war.

Is Editha realism or naturalism?

Traditionally “Editha” has been treated as a realist story, but the roles Editha and George exemplify point towards naturalism since both characters are unconscious of the social forces that propel them to the major crisises in the story.

How does Editha show realism?

With respect to literary movements, “Editha” is predominantly a Realist short story, incorporating several elements of Naturalism. Despite having blind faith in her country, Editha is not a heroine. She sees war as a duty and an act of honor for an American, saying, “there are no two sides, anymore.

What kind of character is Editha?

She is idealistic, determined, and partial to militaristic ideals. She believes that a hero must never retreat from conflict. Editha also harbors unrealistic expectations. In the story, she expects her fiance to fight, but she will admit no part in influencing his decision.

What does Editha want and why?

Editha believes that a man should prove himself worthy of her. She would have preferred that George do something grand to secure her love from the beginning. Now that war is upon them, Editha believes that Providence has intervened on her behalf. She likens the coming war to a sacred undertaking.

What was Editha doing at the end of the story?

Editha is determined that George will fight in the war, even if she has to manipulate him into doing so. George does join the fighting and is immediately killed. In the end of the story, Editha visits George’s grieving mother and is met with resentment and contempt.

Who wrote Editha?

William Dean Howells
Editha by William Dean Howells.

Who is the main character in Editha?

Editha Balcom: The protagonist of the story. Editha is enamored with the idea of war. She sees war as the only means of restoring the liberty of her people. In the story, Editha pressures her fiance into signing up to fight.

How does Editha show romanticism?

William Dean Howells’ opinion of romanticism is his novel “Editha” by having the character of Editha symbolize his views on romanticism. One of the ways Editha views life is that to have good things one must prove himself or herself worthy of it, for instance her love. …

Which character has a harsh view of war from experience in Editha?

Gearson has strongly despised war. Mrs. Gearson “has tested war pragmatically and found it brutal. She knows that men do not march back the same as they went” (Free).

How does Editha depict conflict between romantic and realistic worldviews?

Editha, who represents the majority, finds war romantic and glorious. She pushes her fiancé into battle because she, like the majority, is blindly aligned with patriotism and idealism and holds no individual moral beliefs.

How is Editha an example of realist literature?

“Editha” is an example of realist literature in that it criticizes the romanticizing of life experiences, specifically of war. It also questions the viability of gender roles. Its protagonist, a young woman named Editha Balcom, encourages her fiancé George Gearson to enlist in what is assumed to be the Spanish-American War.

What is the best study guide for Editha?

Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “Editha” by William Dean Howells. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

How does Editha represent the ideal role of a woman?

However, Editha represents the opposite of this ideal role of women as she possesses “language, will, and energy” (Godspeed). Instead of being passive and supportive of Georges decision, she actively tries to get her fiance to join the war effort, something he clearly does not want to do.

What is the main idea of Editha by Alice Walker?

Analysis of “Editha” “Editha” is essentially about a women, named Editha, who attempts to pressure her fiance into enlisting for a war effort. She believes that the war is glorious and that he must enlist and take part in this amazing disturbance of piece. George, her fiance finally does enlist but is killed in the war.


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