What is the role of the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines?

What is the role of the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines?

The Department is the government agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural development by providing the policy framework, public investments, and support services needed for domestic and export-oriented business enterprises.

What are the role of Department of Agriculture?

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture provides a wide range of development, research and support services to the agricultural community in the Western Cape. The agricultural sector stimulates economic growth in the province and plays a major role in creating sustainable job opportunities.

What are the projects of Department of Agriculture?


  • Integrated Marine Environment Monitoring System (IMEMS) Phase 2.
  • SOCSKSARGEN Integrated Food Security Program (SOCSKSARGEN-IFSP)
  • Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD)
  • Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Program.
  • Nationwide Fish Ports Project Package III.

What are the different basic agricultural laws in the Philippines?

The farmers’ rights are the following: (1) support to the price program; (2) ensure market; (3) be covered with social security; (4) avail of credit system at minimal interest rates and minimum collateral requirements; (5) avail of farm inputs and services; (6) be heard and represented in the government; (7) be updated …

What is the structure of the Department of Agriculture?

The department would be divided into six key areas: Commodity Programs and Trade; Rural Development; Nutrition Programs; Conservation; Food Quality; and Research, Education, and Economics. As part of this process, the number of individual USDA agencies will be reduced from 43 to 30.

Who is the head of Department of Agriculture?

Thomas J. Vilsack
Thomas J. Vilsack was confirmed as the 32nd United States Secretary of Agriculture on Feb. 23, 2021 by the U.S. Senate. He was nominated by President Joe Biden to return to a role where he served for eight years under President Barack Obama.

What does the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development do?

Overview. The mission of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) is to initiate, facilitate, coordinate, catalyse and implement an integrated rural development programme.

Who is the head of the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines?

William Dar
Secretary of Agriculture (Philippines)

Secretary of Agriculture
Incumbent William Dar since August 5, 2019
Style The Honorable
Appointer The President with the consent of Commission on Appointments
Term length No fixed term

Who is the head of the Department of Agriculture?

Tom Vilsack
Thomas J. Vilsack was confirmed as the 32nd United States Secretary of Agriculture on Feb. 23, 2021 by the U.S. Senate.

What is Republic Act 7900?

7900). An act to promote the production, processing, marketing and distribution of high-valued crops, providing funds therefor, and for other purposes.

What law created the Department of Agriculture?

On May 15, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation to establish the United States Department of Agriculture and two and a half years later in his final message to Congress, Lincoln called USDA “The People’s Department.” Through our work on food, agriculture, economic development, science, natural resource …

What is the role of Agriculture in the Philippine economy?

1. INTRODUCTION The role of agriculture in the Philippine economy has undergone dramatic changes. Its contribution of agriculture to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and exports of the Philippines is declining, consistent with the country’s transition to middle income status. Structural

What will the evolution of Philippine agriculture look like in 2020?

likely evolution of Philippine agriculture to 2020, as well as the implications of pursuing alternative policies. The study finds under a businessthat, -as-usual scenario: Agricultural growth continues with dramatic increases for rice production in the offing. Likewise per capita consumption of most food items would continue increasing.

What is the rural development project of the Philippines?

The Philippine Rural Development Project is a six-year (6) project designed to establish the government platform for a modern, climate-smart and market-oriented agri-fishery sector.

What is the National Organic Agriculture program?

The program serves as the guide for the implementation of Organic Agriculture activities under the Department of Agriculture and its implementing units. The NOAP also includes a system for evaluation and monitoring as one of the components and implementing strategies.



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