What is the Varian edge?

What is the Varian edge?

The Varian Edge radiosurgery system is used to precisely target and treat tumors. It is a technology system consisting of imaging, body positioning, motion management, beam shaping, and dose delivery of radiation beams that target tumors with extreme precision.

What is the cost of a linear accelerator?

It found that the average prices for linear accelerators rose to $2.8 million, the highest point for the year, but remains in the $2.4 million-to-$3.0 million range reported over the past year and a half, according to analysts for the ECRI Institute.

How much does radiation therapy cost in India?

The average cost of radiation therapy in India is usually between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 20,00,000 depending on which type of radiation technique that is recommended. However, the prices may vary depending upon the hospitals in different cities.

How much does a radiation oncology machine cost?

X-ray radiation therapy machines cost $3 million each; a big clinic would have several. But patients are used to getting what they want, especially in cancer care, where any chance at living longer with fewer side effects is worth trying, especially if someone else is picking up the tab.

How does Varian Trilogy work?

Trilogy uses sophisticated technology to pinpoint the exact location of a tumor at the moment of treatment and deliver a highly focused and powerful beam of radiation.

What is Linac machine?

A medical linear accelerator (LINAC) is the device most commonly used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer. It delivers high-energy x-rays or electrons to the region of the patient’s tumor.

How much does an MR Linac cost?

To illustrate, a single MR-Linac costs 10 million euros without the requisite infrastructure, such as MRI compatibility, MRI safety, clinical workflow and its accompanying software development, quality assurance and the development of protocols, roles and responsibilities.

Is radiation therapy expensive?

Radiation therapy can be expensive. It uses complex machines and involves the services of many health care providers. The exact cost of your radiation therapy depends on the cost of health care where you live, what type of radiation therapy you get, and how many treatments you need.


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