What is UltraBlock?

What is UltraBlock?

UltraBlock is a browser extension that protects your privacy by blocking ads, invisible trackers and third-party cookies. It makes websites load super fast and more secure.

How high can you stack ecology blocks?

three blocks high
Following the incident, the employer created an ecology block training program, which includes training employees not to walk on top of block walls and to minimize work, such as sweeping, near block walls. The employer now requires ecology block walls to be stacked no more than three blocks high.

What are those huge concrete blocks called?

Concrete Barrier Block
We manufacture jumbo concrete wall block that can be stacked for large retaining walls, barriers, or for building bins. These block are often referred to as concrete barrier block.

How high can you stack concrete barrier blocks?

3-4 high
We do not advise you stack the blocks more than 3-4 high, it is however to your discretion.

What is Simpson water barrier technology?

Simpson WaterBarrier technology combines a moisture-resistant, medium-density overlay (MDO) with a thermoset acrylic latex primer topcoat on the door’s exterior side. This creates a smooth and durable exterior that resists moisture absorption and is ready to paint, while retaining the look of wood inside the home.

Is the Adblock ultra app safe?

Clean, Fast and Reliable browsing! UltraBlock is a super fast Privacy protection and efficient Adblock extension. UltraBlock removes all known Trackers, Ads and Third-Party cookies for maximum privacy protection. You, as a visitor, do not need these services for the website to load or a good browsing experience.

How big are eco blocks?

Ecology Blocks Other names include Eco-blocks, bin blocks, and bunker blocks. They are manufactured from unused concrete left over from other construction processes. Common ecology block dimensions are 2′ x 2′ x 3′, 2′ x 2′ x 4′, and 2′ x 2′ x 6′. They typically weigh between 1800 and 4000 pounds.

How much do eco blocks cost?

This “eco-block” is a block of concrete generally 2 ft wide x 2 ft tall x 4 ft long and would typically cost $375 to $425 per cubic yard. They have a groove on the side, and they are stacked and interlocked to create wall systems generally used to separate material stockpiles.

How much does a 2 x2 x6 concrete block cost?

Ecology blocks cost $35 to $65 per block and are 2’x2’x6′ in size, weighing 3,600 to 3,850 lbs.

How heavy is a concrete barrier?

4,000 lbs.
Barrier sections are constructed from reinforced concrete, normally in 10 ft. lengths and weighing 4,000 lbs. or more. They are usually available from precast concrete manu- facturers, highway departments or highway contractors.


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