What is Wmmbxy IDOC?

What is Wmmbxy IDOC?

An Intermediate Document (IDOC) type represents the structure of the data associated with a message type (DEBMAS02 for message type DEBMAS — Customer Master, and WMMBID02 for message type WMMBXY— Goods Movements), while an IDOC is an object containing the data of a particular message type.

How do I view user exit?

How to find User Exits in SAP ABAP

  1. Enter VA01 in command bar to go to transaction and then click on System → Status.
  2. Pick the program name in the below popup.
  3. Display the same program in SE38.In our case the program is SAPMV45A and click on search button.

How IDoc is processed in SAP?

In case of outbound flow, IDoc is triggered in SAP through document message control which is then sent to EDI subsystem. EDI converts the data from IDoc into XML or equivalent format and then sends the data to partner system through Internet. For inbound flow, EDI converts partner data and IDoc is created in SAP.

What is Mbgmcr?

MBGMCR message type is a SAP provided message type for Post goods movements, we get the data from external systems and the Material document number is generated in S4 system. Hence we use the message type MBGMCR for sending material document information to external systems using IDOCs.

Where can I find customer exit in ABAP?


  1. Repeat the first three steps of Approach-1 to find out the package name of the standard tcode.
  2. Go to tcode SE84(Repository Info System) → Enhancements → Customer Exits.
  3. In the above screen you can enter the package name and press execute, you will get the list of customer exits available.


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