What movies were filmed at the Stahl house?

What movies were filmed at the Stahl house?

Films include Smog (1962); The First Power (1990); The Marrying Man (1991); Corrina, Corrina (1994); Playing by Heart (1998), where it was used as the home of Jon Stewart’s character; Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1998); Galaxy Quest (1999), as the home of Tim Allen’s character; The Thirteenth Floor (1999); Nurse Betty ( …

How much is the Stahl house worth?

Matthew Perry’s $13.5M Hollywood Hills Home Is for Sale.

Why was the Stahl house built?

Its mission was to shape and form postwar living through replicable building techniques that used modern industrial materials. With its glass-and-steel construction, the Stahl House remains one of the most famous examples of the program’s principles and aesthetics.

Who built the Stahl house?

Pierre Koenig
Case Study House #22/Architects

Was Bosch filmed in the Stahl house?

We know – thanks to this video – that the actual interior of the Blue Heights Drive residence was utilized in Bosch’s pilot. And I am fairly certain that a few additional early episodes were shot on location inside the home, as well (quite possibly all of Season 1).

Is Bosch filmed at Stahl House?

The actual interior of 1870 Blue Heights Dr. was utilized in “Bosch’s” pilot, as detailed in this video lensed by Connelly during the shoot. At some point following, an exacting replica of that interior was built on a soundstage at Red Studios for all subsequent filming.

How much did it cost to build the Stahl house?

The budget for the house was revised to $34,000, but Koenig’s fee of $2,500 did not change. The final cost was over $15 per square foot—notably more than the average cost per square foot of $10 to $12 in Southern California at the time.

Who is Buck Stahl?

Buck Stahl was a professional football player before taking a job as a purchasing agent for Hughes Aircraft. He bought the land in 1954, built retaining walls from broken concrete salvaged from construction sites, and brought Koenig on board in 1957. The house was complete in 1960.

How much would Harry Bosch’s house cost?

Per Zillow, it is currently worth a whopping $2,130,000.

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