What technology did Generation Y have?

What technology did Generation Y have?

Gen Y is tech-savvy Generation Y is the first generation to grow up with the internet, cell phones and digital communication. “Digital natives” is a term often used to describe people who grew up tech-savvy.

How can digital technology be used in the classroom?

By digital technology we mean the use of computer and technology assisted strategies to support learning within schools. Approaches in this area vary widely, but generally involve: technology for teachers, such as interactive whiteboards or learning platforms.

Why digital generation teachers use technology in the classroom?

Findings of the study suggested that digital generation student teachers’ use of technology in the classroom was significantly correlated with their self-efficacy, perceived computer skills, and technology access and support.

What are the learning needs of Generation Y?

Generation Y prefers to work in groups with hands-on experiences. They enjoy trial and error. Generation Y does not highly value reading and listening to lectures as has been traditional in medical education. They want learning to be creative, interactive, and fun; and they enjoy thinking outside the box.

Which of these are characteristics of Generation Y?

To some, members of Generation Y, also known as millennials, are liberal, insanely tech savvy, self-expressive, confident, and open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. To others, millennials are overly selfish, narcissistic, lazy, delusional and disloyal to a fault.

What is digital generation?

As a singular view, a digital generation can be considered as encompassing only people who were born into or raised in the digital era, meaning with wide-spread access to modern-age technology such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and digital information like the internet.

How do I teach today’s students?

10 Tips for Making Your Classroom Work for Today’s Students

  1. Make Your Classroom Student Centered.
  2. Keep Your Classes Communicative.
  3. Think of Yourself as a Facilitator Rather Than an Instructor.
  4. Encourage Students to Set Their Own Goals.
  5. Integrate Media Whenever You Can.
  6. Include Pictures with Every Block of Text.

How do you engage millennials in the classroom?

Designing & Delivering Content to Engage the Millennial Learner

  1. Use Collaborative Learning and Social Media. Let’s meet learners where they already spend a lot of their time: social media.
  2. Incorporate Gamification.
  3. Keep Learning “Bite-Sized”
  4. Make Delivery Agile and Flexible.
  5. Ensure Learning is Goal-Oriented and Challenging.

What are the advantages of digital generation?

Digital technology makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, family, and work remotely, even if you are in another part of the world. You can communicate by words, video, audio, and exchange other media. Websites, apps, and software have all been created to help users to socialize.


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