What universe do we live in Marvel?

What universe do we live in Marvel?

Earth-616 is generally referred to as “our” universe. It has become such a Marvel institution that it was borrowed for the title of its upcoming documentary series Marvel’s 616, which begins streaming exclusively on Disney+ this week.

Does the Marvel universe end?

Although it has been going on for 80 years and featured thousands of characters in tales told by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and hundreds of other creators, the Marvel Universe will cease to exist, and heroes, villains, planets and galaxies will die without hope of resurrection. …

What is the darkest Marvel Universe?

1 Marvel Zombies The darkest universe in the Marvel Multiverse is that of the Marvel Zombies universe.

How much is Marvel Universe live?

Marvel Universe Live tickets can be found for as low as $37.00, however the national average is $70.00.

What Earth are we on in real life?

Notes. Creator Grant Morrison once stated that Earth 33 is “our real world”. Earth 33 is based on the Pre-Flashpoint concept of Earth-Prime: an Earth where superheroes only exist in comic books and do not appear in real life.

Is Earth-616 destroyed?

The reality of Earth-616 has gone through eight different incarnations, all triggered by different instances of multiversal renewal, which constitutes in the destruction and re-creation of everything there is. Little is known of most of Earth-616’s incarnations.

Can Thanos destroy the universe?

Thanos successfully destroys the machinery that allows the Order to channel the Heart’s power and then absorbs the power into himself. Thanos is thus able to use the Heart’s power to absorb the cosmic beings into himself—and, in doing so, he absorbs the entire universe.

Who lives at the end of time in Marvel?

The alternate reality story, told in UNIVERSE X (2000) #9, put forth the notion that He Who Remains is a “being who was there at the beginning,” and is guaranteed to be there when “all things end.” What is confirmed is that He Who Remains is the creator of the Time-Keepers, the enigmatic beings who bent Immortus to …

What earth is Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe?

Earth-12101 | Marvel Database | Fandom.

How many Earths are in the Marvel Universe?

There are a bunch of alternate Earths in the Marvel multiverse. It’s not something most people realize, but there were at least 161 alternate universes each with its own Earth. One of the cooler things about the Secret Wars event is you get to see heroes from many alternate Earths gathered together on Battleworld.


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