What year is the bowtech guardian?

What year is the bowtech guardian?

The Guardian is a superb bow from axle to axle. I found this bow to be one of the most comfortable bows I have experienced thus far. The hand shock and overall vibration during the shot is minimal to non-existent, and the Guardian is one of the quietest bows of the 2007 lineup.

How fast is the bowtech guardian?

The Bowtech Guardian is considered to be one of the best “fast and quiet” bows on the market. With IBO speeds reaching 328 fps, the Guardian has great shootablity characteristics and is known for its lack of noise and vibration.

How much does a bowtech cost?

Bowtech bows for sale

Model Prices, USD User reviews
Fanatic 2.0 $649.99 – $899.99
Fanatic 3.0 $174.99 – $1500.00
Fuel $700.00 – $700.00
General $399.00 – $399.00

Does bowtech have a lifetime warranty?

Bowtech bows not sold over the internet come with a non-transferable lifetime warranty to the registered original owner. This warranty protects against any failures of the product due to defects in material or workmanship, and does not include any damage due to abuse, misuse or modifications to the bow’s design.

What year did Bowtech reign 6 come out?

Bowtech’s 2017 Reign 6 features what the company calls SmartBow Technology, which finds its core in the OverDrive Binary Cam system.

Where is BowTech made?

Eugene, Oregon
Our home office and factory pro shop are located in beautiful Eugene, Oregon and our sister company, Excalibur Crossbow, is located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Bowtech has 250 employees in the United States and Canada who proudly manufacture our products.

Who owns Bowtech bows?

Pure Archery Group products
Bowtech Archery is part of Pure Archery Group products, the solution in premium archery equipment. Pure Archery Group also includes compound bows suited for nearly every archer from Diamond Archery, as well as premium crossbows and accessories by Excalibur Crossbow.

Where is Bowtech made?

What year did the Bowtech reign 7 come out?

The time has now come and gone for the unveiling of Bowtech’s 2017 flagship bow — the Reign 6 and 7.

What year did the Bowtech realm come out?

More recently, Bowtech has launched its 2018 flagship, the Realm, also tagged as a Smartbow.

What is the Bowtech Guardian?

US- made and built on the award-winning Realm platform, the Bowtech Guardian is all about the accuracy and versatility to go anywhere and hunt any game that comes your way; showcasing a limited edition, proud American theme. If you are a tree stand hunter, the Guardian is the perfect choice when compact maneuverability is needed in tight quarters.

What are the advantages of a faster bow?

Today’s average bow speeds offer more forgiveness on the shot than ever. Faster bows can deliver more downrange energy. Longer bows can increase stability while shorter bows can be better suited for maneuverability and tight spaces.

How do I choose the right bow?

Each bow is truly one-of-a-kind. Lighter bows can be great for mobility while adding weight or dampeners can virtually eliminate vibration. Compound bows have an adjustable draw length range and should be set to fit your unique body size and shape. Max draw weights can typically be reduced by 10lbs.

What is a warrior grey bow?

The only riser in our line with the battle-tested “Warrior Grey” Cerakote finish, for the ultimate in durability and protection, while the American flag is proudly displayed on the limbs. This bow is a limited release with sequential serial numbers starting at US0001.


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