Where does the Farmington River start and end?

Where does the Farmington River start and end?

Connecticut River
Farmington River/Mouths

Is Collinsville part of Canton?

Collinsville is located along the banks of the Farmington River, in the southeast corner of the Town of Canton. The Collinsville section of Canton, is a factory town in New England. Listed as one of “America’s 10 Coolest Small Towns” in Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine.

What is the deepest part of the Farmington River?

The Farmington River is a river, 46.7 miles (75.2 km) in length along its main stem, located in northwest Connecticut with major tributaries extending into southwest Massachusetts….

Farmington River
2nd source Barkhamsted Reservoir (East Branch of the Farmington River)
• location Hartland, Hartford County, Connecticut

What is Collinsville CT known for?

Collinsville, in the heart of Canton, Connecticut, is a treasure trove of victorian industrial innovation and history, and one of “America’s 10 Coolest Small Towns” as recognized in Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine.

What is in Collinsville CT?


  • Restaurants. LaSalle Market has been around for a long time and the food is very good!
  • Collinsville Parades, Farmers Markets, Street Fairs. Halloween Parade.
  • Antiques Shopping.
  • 4. Entertainment.
  • Camp Chase.
  • Roaring Brook Nature Center.
  • Museums.

How long is the Farmington River Trail?

A dozen miles west of Connecticut’s capital of Hartford, the Farmington River Trail forms a 16.5-mile arc that connects to the larger Farmington Canal Heritage Trail on both ends. The rail-trail was built largely on the former Central New England Railway right-of-way.

What is the Farmington Canal State Park Trail?

The Farmington Canal State Park Trail in Cheshire and Hamden forms a portion of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail which traverses Connecticut, north to south, from Suffield to New Haven. The State Park Trail follows the path of the Farmington Canal which served the area from 1828 to 1847.

What does the Farmington trail committee do?

We work tirelessly to “close the gaps” in the 85-mile Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, the 26-mile Farmington River Trail, and the designated CT East Coast Greenway system. We help area towns fund trail construction, enhancements and ongoing maintenance.

Where can you go off-road in Farmington?

At the intersection of Town Forest Road and Stratton Brook Road, a small section of the Farmington River Trail is once again off-road. This portion of the trail has a stone-dust surface and traverses Stratton Brook State Park.


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