Where has Metro Radio moved?

Where has Metro Radio moved?

Newcastle city centre
North East radio station Metro Radio is on the move to new studios in the heart of Newcastle city centre.

Who has died from Radio Newcastle?

Lisa Shaw
Lisa Shaw , a BBC Radio Newcastle presenter, passed away on Friday 21 May after receiving her AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. A coroner has recently ruled that she died due to complications from her jab. This is what you need to know.

Where is the new Metro Radio studio?

Metro Radio will move its studios into a Grade II listed address on Grey Street in Newcastle city centre.

What frequency is Newcastle radio on?

On your radio BBC Newcastle is available on the following frequencies: 95.4FM, 96FM, 103.7FM, 104.4FM and 1458AM.

How many listeners does Metro Radio have?

Total weekly listeners – total reach – represents the total amount of people who tune in to this radio station. A ‘listener’ is counted as an adult aged 15+ who listens for at least five minutes….Historical charts.

Survey end All adults (15+)
Mar 2020 1,959,000 hours (Metro Radio)
Sep 2021 1,869,000 hours (Metro Radio)

Where has Lisa Shaw gone?

Royal Victoria Infirmary
Tests were carried out and blood clots were found in her brain, prompting her to be moved to the neurology specialist unit at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI).

What did Lisa Shaw cause of death?

Lisa Shaw/Cause of death

Who owns Metrotv?

Bauer Radio
Metro Radio/Owners

What frequency is Metro FM UK?

What frequency is Metro Radio on?…Other platforms.

RadioFeeds UK & Ireland Listen live: MET
FM 97.1 MHz

What was Metro Radio before?

The group originally consisted of: Metro FM (which later became Metro Radio) Radio Tees (now TFM Radio). Great North Radio (which later became Magic 1170 & Magic 1152).


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