Where to eat and drink in the Barbican?

Where to eat and drink in the Barbican?

Osteria is a modern Italian restaurant, with spectacular views of the Barbican Lakeside and fountains. Located on the first floor, the Martini Bar offers views over the foyers and lakeside and is perfect for a pre-performance drink. The Barbican’s bars and cafes offer a selection of drinks and snacks throughout the day and evening

Where to buy Barbican in Malaysia?

Barbican, the non-alcoholic malt beverage of Saudi Arabia’s Aujan Industries, is confirmed to be making inroad into Malaysia. The drink is distributed by Coca-Cola Refreshments Malaysia and is now available at Giant Supermarket, KK Mart, Village Grocer, Aeon, Aeon Big and other retailers.

Why should you choose urbarbican for your next event?

Barbican has always stayed in tune with the millennial population of the world. It is synonymous with being a brand that understands them and speaks their language. It is courageous, chivalrous, loyal, genuine, and open.

Where is the barbican at KK Super Mart?

At KK Super Mart SS2, the same Barbican is given a shelf placing next to Coca-Cola in the sparkling beverage section and not in the alcoholic drink section. At the KK Super Mart at Taman Len Seng, Cheras, Barbican is located close to F&N’s carbonated soft drinks and Mamee Cool Tea.

What is the cinema cafe & bar at the Barbican?

Barbican Cinema Café & Bar serves a selection of delicious pastries and cakes with award-winning coffee from Benugo. Choose from a quality selection of wine and beer, or relax with a hot drink before a performance. The Cinema Cafe is currently only open for our cinema audiences, one hour before the first screening of the day.

Is Barbican halal in KK Super Marts?

In two separate KK Super Marts, Barbican is placed in a different section. At the KK Super Mart in Jalan Gasing, Barbican is placed in the ‘Non-Halal’ section together with beer and other alcoholic beverages in both the chilled and non-chilled sections. Such placement can be extremely damaging to the brand.


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