Which type of inflorescence is found in Euphorbia?

Which type of inflorescence is found in Euphorbia?

Cyathium type
The inflorescence present in the euphorbia flower is Cyathium type. The Cyathium inflorescence shows the presence of achlamydeous flowers that are flowers without a perianth. The inflorescences of the second order are simple cymes which consist of one central and two lateral cyathia.

Which family has Verticillaster inflorescence?

family Labiatae
Verticillaster is a special type of inflorescence seen in the family Labiatae.

What is Cyathium inflorescence?

Cyathium is a type of inflorescence in which a cup-like cluster of modified leaves encloses a female flower and several male flowers. It resembles a single flower. For example, Poinsettia.

What are two types of inflorescence?

The inflorescence is the term given to the arrangement of a group of flowers around a floral axis. There are two types of inflorescence – Racemose and Cymose.

Is Euphorbia an incomplete flower?

In Euphorbia sp., each male flower is represented by a single stalked stamen. The flowers are incomplete, regular, actinomorphic and hypogynous.

What is Verticillaster and example?

Definition of verticillaster : a mixed inflorescence (as in many labiates) consisting of a pair of much-condensed nearly sessile cymes arranged around an axis like a true verticil.

Which is a example of hypanthodium inflorescence?

Hypanthodium is a type of inflorescence in which the fleshy receptacle forms a hollow cavity and has an opening which is known as ostiole. Therefore, this is the correct option. Example of hypanthodium is ficus. >

Where is cyathium inflorescence found?

Note: Clusters of flowers formed in euphorbia are known as cyathium or cyathia, and this type of inflorescence is only seen in the genera of euphorbia. They are unisexual and the clusters are either reduced to a single stamen or a single ovary.

In which plant is Cymose inflorescence?

Some examples of plants with cymose inflorescence are Solanum nigrum, Drosera, Begonia, Ranunculus, Jasmine, Calotropis, etc.

What is plant inflorescence?

inflorescence, in a flowering plant, a cluster of flowers on a branch or a system of branches. An inflorescence is categorized on the basis of the arrangement of flowers on a main axis (peduncle) and by the timing of its flowering (determinate and indeterminate).

Is a Rose an inflorescence?

Hint: Inflorescence is an arrangement of clusters of flowers on the main stem. The stem that is the base of the inflorescence is known as the peduncle. China rose or Hibiscus belongs to the Malvaceae family. Types of the racemose inflorescence are raceme, spike, spikelet catkin, spadix, corymb, umbel and capitulum.


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