Who is Matt Passmore married to now?

Who is Matt Passmore married to now?

Natalia Cigliutim. 2016
Jacqui Passmorem. 1997–2006
Matt Passmore/Spouse

What is Matt Passmore doing now?

Aussie actor in island drama Australian actor Matt Passmore has landed a lead role in a new US drama pilot set in the Bermuda Triangle. The series, titled Triangle, is written by Jon Feldman and Sonny Postiglione and the pilot will be directed by McG.

Who plays Heather on The Glades?

Rachael Carpani
The Glades (TV Series 2010–2013) – Rachael Carpani as Heather Thompson – IMDb.

Is Matt Passmore married?

Who is Kai Manning on younger?

Matt Passmore
Younger (TV Series 2015–2021) – Matt Passmore as Kai Manning – IMDb.

Is Matt Passmore in younger?

Younger (TV Series 2015–2021) – Matt Passmore as Kai Manning – IMDb.

Where is Rachael Carpani now?

Rachael Carpani (Jodi Fountain). She currently lives and works in LA. Carpani is one of the most active social media users of her former cast members – you can find her Instagram here.

Is Kai manning a surfer?

With her personal life on rocky ground, Liza focuses on work and a new book pitch by sexy surfer, Kai Manning.

What nationality is Matt Passmore?

Matt Passmore/Nationality

Who does Liza end up with younger?

After seven seasons, “Younger” fans finally got the answer to Liza’s love life — well, kinda sorta. The series finale of Darren Star’s “Younger” put an end to Liza’s (Sutton Foster) love affair with Charles (Peter Hermann), while giving the hope of a happy ending with Josh (Nico Tortorella).

Who does Alex marry McLeod’s Daughters?

Though they don’t immediately begin a relationship, Alex and Stevie eventually marry. After the wedding and honeymoon, Alex is only seen by videophone from Argentina until the last episode of season 7, when he returns to Killarney to surprise Stevie.


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