Who is Sir Bedivere what role did he play in the story?

Who is Sir Bedivere what role did he play in the story?

In Geoffrey’s History of the Kings of Britain, Bedivere is one of Arthur’s most loyal allies and maintains that loyalty his entire life. Later on he helps King Arthur and Sir Kay fight the Giant of Mont Saint-Michel and then joins Arthur in his war against Emperor Lucius of Rome.

What does Sir Bedivere do for Arthur at the end of the story?

Bedivere holds the curious distinction of bookending Arthur’s story: at the beginning of the tradition, he is named one of Arthur’s earliest and most loyal followers and, at the end of the story, he outlives his king.

What does Arthur Command Bedivere do?

Answer and Explanation: In the Arthurian legend written by Sir Thomas Malory, Arthur asks Sir Bedivere to throw the sword Excalibur into the lake. Since Arthur received the sword from the Lady of the Lake, he must return it to her.

How did Sir Bedivere betray King Arthur?

After the battle, at the request of the mortally wounded king, Bedivere casts away the sword Excalibur that Arthur had received from the Lady of the Lake. However, he does this only after twice thinking the sword too valuable to Britain to throw into the water.

What happens at the end of Le Morte d Arthur?

Despite his good nature, King Arthur was betrayed by his wife Guinevere and his best knight Lancelot. The distraction of Guinevere and Lancelot’s relationship led Mordred, King Arthur’s son, to take over the kingdom. In the end, King Arthur was killed by his son in a battle over the kingdom.

How does Arthur know that Sir Bedivere is lying to him?

When Arthur asks what Sir Bedivere saw, Sir Bedivere lies, “I saw nothing but waves and winds.” Arthur knows from this statement that Sir Bedivere has not thrown Excalibur into the water, and he orders him to go back outside and actually fulfill Arthur’s command this time.

What does Arthur ask Sir Bedivere to do what is bedivere’s response Why is this significant?

Bedivere has been asked to deprive the kingdom of what has been one of Arthur’s and his kingdom’s most valuable assets, and Bedivere’s inability to dispose of Excalibur as requested is consistent with Bedivere’s responsibility to the kingdom.

Why must bedivere perform the task Arthur asks of him?

Why did it take Sir Bedivere so long to honor Arthur’s request? What act was Sir Bedivere supposed to perform? He was supposed to dispose of Excalibur. What was King Arthur sword called?

What was King Arthur last request to Sir Bedivere?

King Arthur is fatally injured. King Arthur’s dying request is for Sir Bedivere to throw the Excalibur into the lake, but Bedivere’s greed temporarily prevails over his loyalty.

What might the overturned chair symbolize what might the serpents represent?

What might the overturned chair symbolize? The over turned chair symbolizes the downfall of King Arthur, and the serpent represents evil which is what eventually caused the first man to draw his sword and started the war.

Why did Thomas Malory wrote Le Morte d Arthur?

Neville hatched a plot to overthrow the Yorkist king Edward IV, involving Malory, and when this was discovered, Malory was arrested and sent to Newgate Prison, London. This time, instead of escaping, he devoted himself to writing Le Morte D’Arthur.

What do bedivere’s actions regarding Excalibur reveal about his character?

What do Bedivere’s actions regarding Excalibur reveal about his character? It reveals that he is dishonest, greedy and he does not follow the Code of Chivalry. He embodies chivalry by fighting the battle even though he knows it would lead to his own death.

What is the plot of Morte d’Arthur?

In summary, ‘Morte d’Arthur’ describes the death of the great British king, Arthur, and Bedivere’s depositing of Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, in the lake from which Arthur first acquired it. Bedivere tends to the dying king, who hands his knight the sword and tells him to go and throw it in the lake.

What does Bedivere say to Arthur?

Bedivere replies, “I heard the ripple washing in the reeds, / And the wild water lapping on the crag.” Arthur is angry because he knows Bedivere did not do what he asked. He tells him that he has betrayed his nature and his name and that he must go back and try again. Bedivere returns to the water’s edge.

Is Morte d’Arthur based on Sir Thomas Malory?

Hope you guys like my discussion about Tennyson’s Morte D’Arthur. First draft written early 1834, published in poems in 1842, incorporated into the Idylls of the king as “The Rising of Arthur”. This is the 1 st of Tennyson poem to be based on Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte d; Arthur like” The lady of Shalott”.

What happened to Mordred in King Arthur?

An adder appears, a knight unthinkingly draws his sword to kill it, and the two armies are at war. At the end of the day, Mordred is the only man of his army left standing, and Arthur has only two knights, Sir Lucan and Sir Bedivere. Against Sir Lucan’s advice, Arthur fights Mordred and kills him, but he gets his own death wound as he does it.


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