Who is Vladimir Zhirinovsky?

Who is Vladimir Zhirinovsky?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He is fiercely nationalist and has been described as “a showman of Russian politics, blending populist and nationalist rhetoric, anti-Western invective and a brash, confrontational style”. His views have sometimes been described by western media as fascist.

What is the relationship between Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the LDPR?

While Zhirinovsky and the LDPR formed a component of the political opposition to Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s, members of the LDPR largely voted against impeaching Yeltsin in 1999. In more recent years, Zhirinovsky and the LDPR have often supported the agenda of Vladimir Putin ‘s government when voting in the Duma.

Where did Zhirinovsky’s father live in Israel?

Abandoning the family, Zhirinovsky’s father, Wolf Eidelstein, emigrated to Israel in 1949 (together with his new wife Bella and his brother), where he worked as an agronomist in Tel Aviv.

What did Zhirinovsky say about the Russian blood?

He rhetorically asked, “Why should I reject Russian blood, Russian culture, Russian land, and fall in love with the Jewish people only because of that single drop of blood that my father left in my mother’s body?” Another frequently cited quote from Zhirinovsky is “My mother was Russian and my father was a lawyer”.

Where did Zhirinovsky go to college?

In July 1964, Zhirinovsky moved from Almaty to Moscow, where he began his studies in the Department of Turkish Studies, Institute of Asian and African Studies at Moscow State University (MSU), from which he graduated in 1969. Zhirinovsky then went into military service in Tbilisi during the early 1970s.

What are some of the most famous quotes from Zhirinovsky?

Another frequently cited quote from Zhirinovsky is “My mother was Russian and my father was a lawyer”. Zhirinovsky later disowned the statement, after researching his father’s life in Israel (where, after leaving Zhrinovsky’s mother, he had immigrated in 1949 with a new wife]

How did Le Pen and Zhirinovsky become friends?

Eduard Limonov of the National-Bolshevik Party introduced the men to each other and the FN later “provided logistical support [to the LDPR], including computers and fax machines”. Zhirinovsky suggested establishing the International Centre of Right-wing Parties in Moscow and invited Le Pen to Moscow.


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