Who owns Moskovskaya vodka?

Who owns Moskovskaya vodka?

Amber Beverage Group
For the second year in a row, the Moskovskaya® Vodka owner, Amber Beverage Group (ABG), has seized opportunities in the… Iconic vodka brand Moskovskaya® Vodka has designed a new Moskovskaya Street hard seltzer inspired by the iconic Moscow Mule cocktail.

What is Moskovskaya vodka made from?

Moskovskaya Vodka is produced from Russian spirit according to the classic Russian method, using traditional ingredients. 100% select wheat is blended with purified artesian well water and triple distilled to produce an authentically smooth vodka character.

What is osobaya vodka?

Moskovskaya Osobaya is a Russian vodka which has been made using traditional Russian methods. Moskovskaya translates to Muscovite, which we assume is in reference to its birthplace of Moscow, not the mineral also called Muscovite.

How do you drink Moskovskaya vodka?

of vodka and 30 ml. of Blue Curaçao and 40 ml. of Sprite or Seven Up in a tall glass with ice cubes. – If we use lemonade or lemon juice, we can mix it in a shaker and then serve it in a cocktail glass.

What country makes best vodka?

In fact, Poland is now regarded as the world’s leading producer of vodka – thanks to the roaring success of brands like Zubrowka, which holds a steady place in the heart of many people who appreciate this drink and its many possibilities.

Where is Moskovskaya vodka made?

Moskovskaya is one of 43 previously state-owned Russian vodka brands brought in 1997 by Sojuzplodimport (S.P.I.) and has since been subject to the same legal wrangles as its better known sibling, Stolichnaya. As a result, Moskovskaya, destined for the international market, is distilled in Russia and then shipped in bulk for bottling in Latvia.

What does Moskovskaya osobaya mean?

Moskovskaya, literally meaning ‘Muscovite’ is a Russian brand of vodka which dates back to the communist era and was originally made at Moscow’s famous Cristall Distillery. Osobaya or ‘Особая’, denotes this as being ‘a special’ vodka, thus ‘Moskovskaya Osobaya’, translates as ‘Special Muscovite’.

What does Moskovskaya taste like?

Lightly peppery with faint spearmint freshness. Moskovskaya has a faint sweetness and an appealing spearmint freshness, while retaining a characteristic Russian vodka peppery bite. You must log in to your account to make a comment.


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