Who should be listed as corresponding author?

Who should be listed as corresponding author?

The corresponding author is typically a senior researcher or academic, such as a senior professor or a principal investigator (PI), with considerable publishing knowledge and experience. For this reason, they are usually nominated to the role by the rest of the authors in the group.

Does submitting author have to be corresponding author?

The corresponding author takes responsibility for the manuscript during the submission, peer review and production process. All communication from submission to publication will be with the corresponding author. The corresponding author does not need to be the first author or a senior author.

What are the four criteria that must be met to be credited as an author?

Who Is an Author? The ICMJE recommends that authorship be based on the following 4 criteria: Substantial contributions to the conception or design of the work; or the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data for the work; AND. Drafting the work or revising it critically for important intellectual content; AND.

What is a contributing author?

As the name suggests, contributing writers are either writers or thought leaders, or both, who do not work full-time with a publication but convey their wisdom through their niche-specific writings.

What is the benefit of being a corresponding author?

If a person is both the first and corresponding author, then he/she is entitled to all of the 70% credit. Single authored articles carry 100% of the total credit value to the author. Remaining 30% is shared equally among the remaining authors.

Can a student be corresponding author?

Yes. It is totally proper and ethical, as long as you are one of the main person/people who understand well the work. Indeed, almost all my publications during my graduate student time to obtain a PhD, I am the corresponding author for almost all these papers (around 10+ papers).

Who has more value first author or corresponding author?

Corresponding author and first author have almost same value. Usually first author is the PhD or Master student and corresponding author is the tutor/research team leader. In some universities other than corresponding author they only value first three authors.

How do you publish a first author?

Publishing ethics guidelines state that first authorship on a paper should go to the person who provided the biggest contribution. If this person is you, then you should claim your first authorship credit for the great work you’ve done.

Can there be two corresponding authors?

Summary: While some journals allow the practice of including two corresponding authors, many journals do not. With research becoming increasingly collaborative, having more than one corresponding author for an article is not unusual. There are many reasons why two corresponding authors may be required.

Is corresponding author more important?

However, the author who guides all authors in planning a research work and who may provide his/ her lab, lab facilities and other requirements is the Corresponding author. Corresponding author is the most important author in a research article.

What is the role of the corresponding author?

The corresponding author is the one individual who takes primary responsibility for communication with the journal during the manuscript submission, peer review, and publication process, and typically ensures that all the journal’s administrative requirements, such as providing details of authorship, ethics committee approval,…

Are authors accountable for the contributions of their co-authors?

In addition to being accountable for the parts of the work he or she has done, an author should be able to identify which co-authors are responsible for specific other parts of the work. In addition, authors should have confidence in the integrity of the contributions of their co-authors.

What to do when there is confusion around authorship and contributorship?

In case there is confusion around authorship, contributorship, and to know more about who would qualify to be the lead author, researchers may approach the journal editorial team. The journal would then suggest the best approach.

What are the criteria for authorship of a group?

All members of the group named as authors should meet all four criteria for authorship, including approval of the final manuscript, and they should be able to take public responsibility for the work and should have full confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the work of other group authors.


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