Who was Germaine de Stael and what happened to her?

Who was Germaine de Stael and what happened to her?

Staël’s only comfort in despair was a new romance. Her husband had died, and in 1811 she married a 24-year-old Italian lieutenant named Rocca. In 1812 she escaped from Coppet and traveled to Russia, Sweden, and England. In 1814, after the fall of Napoleon, she returned to Paris.

What did Germaine de Stael write about?

Political views. Before she was 21, Germaine de Staël had written a romantic drama, Sophie, ou les sentiments secrets (1786), and a tragedy inspired by Nicholas Rowe, Jane Gray (1790). Under the influence of her father, an admirer of Montesquieu, she adopted political views based on the English parliamentary monarchy.

Where did Madame de Stael live?

Madame de Staël/Places lived

What was Madame de Staël known?

Writer, republican, literary theoretician and philosopher, Madame de Staël contributed to the diffusion of ideas in Europe through her travels and her Salon, where she received many European intellectuals.

What did Madame de Staël?

What did Madame de Stael write?

Published in 1788, Madame de Staël’s ‘Lettres sur le caractère et les ouvrages de Jean-Jacques Rousseau’ marked her first literary success.

What did Madame de Stael?

Who was Madame de Staël?

Madame de Staël was a woman with powerful friends. When her husband died in 1802 she travelled via Switzerland to London, St. Petersburg, Stockholm and back to London where admiration for her reached its climax on the publication of De l’Allemagne, the most finished of all her works, which revealed Germany to the French and made Romanticism.

What did Jeanne de Staël write about Rousseau?

In 1788, de Staël published Letters on the works and character of J.J. Rousseau. In this panegyric, written initially for a limited number of friends (in which she considered his housekeeper Thérèse Levasseur as unfaithful), she demonstrated evident talent, but little critical discernment.

Where did de Staël live in France?

Pretending she wanted to emigrate to the US, de Staël was given permission to re-enter France. Looking around in Chaumont-sur-Loire de Staël moved into the Château de Chaumont (1810) owned by the heirs of Jacques-Donatien Le Ray de Chaumont, but then moved on onto Fossé and Vendôme.

What did Germaine de Staël do in 1789 and 1792?

On 4 and 5 May 1789 Germaine de Staël watched the assembly of the Estates-General in Versailles, where she met the young Mathieu de Montmorency. “Dix Août 1792. Siege et prise du Chateau des Tuileries”: French soldiers (volunteers) and citizens storming the Tuileries Palace to capture the royal family and end the monarchy.


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