Who was the song Eloise written about?

Who was the song Eloise written about?

At the time this was a Top 10 hit in Australia, an eight-year-old girl named Eloise Worledge was abducted from her Melbourne home. Out of respect and consideration for her family, Melbourne Top 40 radio stations ceased playing the song for a period while the fruitless hunt for her abductor/s was carried-out.

Who wrote Eloise by Barry Ryan?

Paul Ryan

“Eloise” is a song first released in 1968 on the MGM label. It was sung by Barry Ryan, and written by his twin brother Paul Ryan. Running for over five minutes, it featured strong orchestration, melodramatic vocals, and a brief slow interlude.

What happened to Barry Ryan?

Barry Ryan, who has died aged 72 after complications from a lung disorder, spent the last 40 years of his professional life as a fashion and portrait photographer, working for magazines such as Italian Vogue and David Bailey’s Ritz.

What happened to Paul and Barry Ryan?

While he stopped performing in the 1970s, he went on to become a successful photographer while Paul relocated to America and later left the music industry before returning and managing a chain of hairdressing salons. Barry’s twin Paul died of lung cancer in 1992 at the age of 44.

When did the song Eloise come out?


Who are the Eloise books based on?

Thompson’s goddaughter, Liza Minnelli, was often speculated as a possible model for Eloise. The illustrator stated that the image for Eloise was based on one that his mother, Katherine Sturges Dodge, had painted, during the 1930s.

Which band sang Eloise?

Barry Ryan

Is Marion Ryan dead?

Deceased (1931–1999)
Marion Ryan/Living or Deceased

When did Barry Ryan release Eloise?

Is Marion Ryan still alive?

Who sang Eloise the damned?

The Damned

What is Eloise’s dog’s name?

Eloise’s dog, Weenie, wasn’t always a pug, as evidenced by this 1954 Hilary Knight drawing. For generations of children, the Eloise book series is a favorite. It tells the story of a 6-year old troublemaker who lives at New York’s Plaza Hotel.


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