Are canned sardines a healthy snack?

Are canned sardines a healthy snack?

Sardines Sardines provide 2 grams of heart-healthy omega-3s per 3 ounce serving, which is one of the highest levels of omega-3 and the lowest levels of mercury of any fish. They contain a great source of calcium and Vitamin D, so they support bone health, too.

Can you eat sardines as a snack?

You can simply eat canned sardines as are. You may want to drain the liquid they come in. You can easily add some oil, mayonnaise, hot sauce, mustard, or other seasonings; put them into a salad, or grill with some onions and garlic to seal in additional flavour.

What can you eat with canned sardines?

Here are 14 delicious ways to enjoy a can of sardines any time of day.

  • Grill or fry them.
  • Pile a couple on toast or hearty crackers.
  • Add a few to pizza.
  • Add them to salad.
  • Pair them with avocado.
  • Whisk some into tomato sauce.
  • Mix them with pasta.
  • Use them in tacos.

Is sardines in can good for weight loss?

Sardines might just be one of the greatest health bargains of all time. First of all, sardines are loaded with protein, which helps stabilize blood sugar, makes you feel full and helps stimulate metabolism.

Is it OK to eat sardines every day?

The American Heart Association recommends two servings per week of fatty fish, not fried, with each serving being about 3.5 ounces. Since sardines are consumed bones and all, they are an excellent source of calcium, providing about a third of the amount needed by the average person in each serving.

Are sardines fattening?

Nutritional benefits of sardines Sardines may be small, but they make a great addition to a balanced diet, as they are low in saturated fat and calories, but high in protein. They also offer a good array of vitamins and minerals. A 100g serving of fresh, cooked sardines: 172 calories.

How do you make sardine snacks?


  1. Straight out of the can.
  2. On a cracker.
  3. Add mustard to that cracker.
  4. Mix it with mayo, salt & pepper…
  5. Saute in oil, garlic, onions, and tomato with a bit of lemon juice, salt, and pepper.
  6. Toss a few in a salad.
  7. Put a few in a pasta dish.
  8. And of course, straight out of the can.

Can of sardine calories?

Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving % Daily Value *
Calories 90
Total Fat 4g 5%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g

Which sardines are healthiest?

Sardines. Sardines are a highly nutritious fish rich in nutrients such as vitamin B2, B12, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. With this said, the oily nature of sardines make them an ideal source of omega 3 fatty acids. While often found in the supermarket canned, fresh sardines can be found in most gourmet fish markets.

What is good with sardines?

Nutritional Profile. Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12 and selenium. They are a very good source of phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D. Additionally, they are a good source of calcium, niacin , copper, vitamin B2 and choline.

How to eat sardines?

1) Eat sardines straight out of the can. You don’t need a complicated recipe to enjoy sardines! 2) Top a salad with sardines. Sardines add another layer of flavor to any salad! 3) Serve them on toast. The salty flavor and rich texture of sardines is the perfect complement to crispy, crunchy bread. 4) Eat sardines on crackers. Choose your favorite crackers and top them with sardines. Add a little hot sauce on top if you like a spicy snack! 5) Add sauteed sardines to pasta dishes. Put a small amount of olive oil in a saute pan. 6) Put them on pizza. Sardines are a great addition to any pizza! Add them to a classic pepperoni and sausage pizza for added flavor and dimension.


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