Data Transfer Using Mendix Web Service’s

What is Web Service? A web service is a generic term for an interoperable machine-to-machine software function that is hosted at a network addressable location. This is a network accessible interface to application functionality/code using the standard internet technologies. And which provides an abstract layer between the client side application and application code. This allows […]

How to Organize Your Startup Office At Home

It’s possible to remain productive while still working at home. Furthermore, you can improve your overall performance by work effectively at home and create along-lasting reputation for working excellently in your field despite the non-uniform situations. You need to understand that running a business from home involves the simultaneous management of many working parts. You […]

Kratom and its medical values

Kratom comes from the dried leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, which is a tropical tree from the coffe family, found in Southeast Asia, in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Kratom has become the subject of debate over the last few years, with some praising its sweeping medicinal benefits while others focusing on its side-effects […]

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