Are Interco tires good?

Are Interco tires good?

The Interco TrXus M/T is a great daily driver tire. In the rain the tire performs surprisingly well, with zero hydroplaning. This is due to the fact that TrXus M/T tires have more siping than any other M/T tire on the market. Interco claims the TrXus M/T is magical in the snow, and they aren’t kidding.

What year did Interco tires come out?

In 1968 Interco introduced the first 78 series light truck tires, which began the evolution in light truck tires we see today. Interco Tire Corporation offers the largest selection of both specialty light truck tires and ATV/UTV tires on the planet.

Are super swamper Boggers good in the snow?

Registered. Just go with super swampers TSL. The boggers are pretty much that, bog. The TSL’s are great off road in general, and far more up to the task in the cold.

Are blemished tires safe?

Are blemished tires safe? Blemished tires with smaller, cosmetic issues are safe to use. These products were discarded from the first-rate quality product line for cosmetic reasons. They will not have as high of an aesthetic appeal as first-rate items will, but they have no internal issues.

Where are M and H tires made?

the USA
M&H Racemaster tires are made in the USA for drag racing and street car applications….M&H Drag Radials | Drag Radials.

Brand M&H Racemaster
Tire Construction Radial
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Drag Tire Type Track | Slicks

Are Super Swamper tires good?

The Super Swamper TSL is obviously a successful tire in the mud, but its durable bias-ply sidewall and chunky tread makes it a solid choice for jagged rocky trails and sand too. Tire pressure is key. In lighter vehicle applications you will find that tire pressures in the single digits work best off-road.

What is a TSL tire?

TSL is a lug pattern with massive short, intermediate and long lugs that are each uniquely arranged, proportioned and spaced which allow them to bite quickly and self-clean rapidly; this distinctive tread pattern, along with tougher side walls, a quieter ride and increased mileage offering from that of the Original …

Are swamper tires good in snow?

Mud tires are even less capable in snow than many all terrain tires. When it comes to snow and ice, these wide channels between the tread blocks will fill with snow and ice. Since mud tires don’t have the siping that even regular all season tires have, there is nothing to bite or grab at the road surface.


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