Can I do WHMIS online?

Can I do WHMIS online?

This online WHMIS course is recognized through Canada and takes approximately 120 minutes to complete. Simply watch the training session on your desktop or laplop computer, or even your tablet or mobile phone, and achieve a mark of 80% in the online testing.

How do I find my WHMIS certification?

You can access your WHMIS certificate through your account ONLY if you took the training with us. If you took the training with another provider or directly with a previous employer, you will need to contact them to request your certificate.

How do I get a free WHMIS certificate?

Protect your health and safety by taking the free WHMIS 2015 training online. This is the only truly free WHMIS 2015 training available. Others say they are free but charge for the certificate. Many large companies and governmental organizations use this free WHMIS training exclusively.

Is OnlineWHMIS CA legit?

Canada’s Trusted and Recognized WHMIS Training™ makes it quick and super-simple for Canadian Workers to get their WHMIS Certificate and employers to train their workers with simple-to-use, standards-compliant WHMIS Training solutions.

Does WHMIS certification expire?

To ensure you are always in compliance, YOW Canada recommends that you complete WHMIS training on an annual basis. Although there is no expiry date, your certificate will have a “Next Recommended Training Date” of one year past your certification date.

Does WHMIS expire Ontario?

Is there a WHMIS 2021?

So is there a new WHMIS in 2021? The simple answer to this is, no. There hasn’t been an overhaul to the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information system since 2015. This doesn’t, however, mean that workers don’t need updated WHMIS training in 2021.

What is WHMIS certificate?

A WHMIS certificate is a document issued after you’ve taken a WHMIS training course. This is because it is required by Health Canada for employers to have an implemented WHMIS program at their workplace. Learning about WHMIS is learning about how to keep yourself and others safe from hazardous materials.

Can you work in Ontario without WHMIS training?

All Canadian jurisdictions currently require that employers develop, implement, and maintain a worker WHMIS education and training program. This education and training is required for hazardous products workers work with, or for products that workers may be exposed to at work.


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