Can oily water separator be used in special areas?

Can oily water separator be used in special areas?

(1) A ship of 400 gross tons or over and any oil tanker may not discharge oil or oily mixture within a special area. (6) The oily-water separating equipment is equipped with a device that stops the discharge automatically when the oil content of the effluent exceeds 15 ppm.

Can the oily water separator be operated during port stay?

Operating an Oily Water Separator An oily water separator can only be operated when the ship is sailing and en route.

When can you discharge oil in the water?

33 CFR 151.10 regulates the discharge of oily mixtures by all oceangoing vessels. Discharges of oil or oily mixtures are prohibited unless the oil content of the effluent is less than 15 ppm, the vessel has in operation OWS equipment, and the vessel meets various other requirements depending on its location.

How many miles can discharge bilge water?

12 nautical miles
In the United States and the Baltic and North Seas disposal of separated bilge water only permitted at least 12 nautical miles from shore.

What is the maximum permissible quantity of oil that can be pumped overboard through an oil filtering equipment?

Set the total oil limit as 1000 litres in ODME.

Why the oily mixture is heated during OWS operation?

Heat the influent: Heating the influent reduces the viscosity of the continuous media causing better separation. 14. Segregation of Wastes: Do not mix sludge and bilges. Even a bit of sludge can contaminate large amount of bilge water.

Is discharging oil in US waters legal?

Federal regulations prohibit the discharge of all “oil or hazardous substances” (e.g. contaminated bilge water) in all navigable U.S. waters. In addition to federal laws, states also prohibit oil discharge in waters which are exclusively under their control.

What is the maximum oil you can call it clean water?

As per maritime regulations, the oil content in the water processed from the OWS must be less than 15 parts per million of oil.

How long should an oil record book be preserved?

three years
The Oil Record Book Part I shall be kept in such a place as to be readily available for inspection at all reasonable times and, except in the case of unmanned ships under tow, shall be kept on board the ship. It shall be preserved for a period of three years after the last entry has been made.


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