Can values in PivotTable be text?

Can values in PivotTable be text?

Traditionally, you can not move a text field in to the values area of a pivot table. Typically, you can not put those words in the values area of a pivot table. However, if you use the Data Model, you can write a new calculated field in the DAX language that will show text as the result.

How do I show individual values in a PivotTable?

Right click one of the value cells in the PivotTable. One of the options is Show Values As – see Figure 2. The Show Values As option is in the Options ribbon tab when you select a value cell within a PivotTable – see Figure 3. Note: There are more options available in both Figures 2 and 3.

What is the default function for text values in PivotTable?

Sum Function When you add a numerical field to the pivot table’s Values area, Sum will be the default summary function. (Note: If the field contains text or blank cells, Count will be the default.)

How do I show values in a PivotTable without calculations?

Inside the Pivot Column dialog, select the column with the values that will populate the new columns to be created. In this case “Time” but could be any field type, including text. In the Advanced Options part, select “Don´t Aggregate” so the values will displayed without any modification.

How do I change the values in a pivot table?

Answer:Select the Options tab from the toolbar at the top of the screen. In the Data group, click on Change Data Source button. When the Change PivotTable Data Source window appears, change the Table/Range value to reflect the new data source for your pivot table. Click on the OK button.

How do I add values to a pivot table column label?

Add fields to a PivotTable

  1. Select the check box next to each field name in the field section.
  2. Right-click the field name and then select the appropriate command — Add to Report Filter, Add to Column Label, Add to Row Label, or Add to Values — to place the field in a specific area of the layout section.

How do I add values to a PivotTable column label?

How do I show a value instead of formula in Google Sheets?

Show formula instead of Value in Specific Cells Simply add an apostrophe right before the formula (the equal to sign). When you add an apostrophe at the beginning in a cell, it forces Google Sheets to consider the entire cell content as text. So instead of calculating the value, it simply shows the formula.

How do I format text in a pivot table?

How to Apply Number Formatting

  1. Right-click a value in the pivot field that you want to format.
  2. Click Field Settings.
  3. At the bottom left of the Field Settings dialog box, click Number Format.
  4. In the Format Cells dialog box, select the number formatting that you want, and click OK.

How do you add values to a pivot table?

Find the Total field in the PivotTable Fields list and left click to drag and drop it into the Values area. You can also use the check box to the left of the field name to add or remove a field from the pivot table. By default Excel will add checked fields which contain numerical values to the Values area.

How to hide values based on pivot table?

First, identify the Items or Values that you want to hide in Pivot Table. Next, click on the Down Arrow located to the right of the Label under which the item or value that you want to hide is located. In the Drop-down, unselect the checkbox next to the Item or Value that you want to hide and click on OK to save this setting.

How do you display a pivot table?

From there, click on the “more forms” button and select the “pivot table” option. Click on the” field list” button in the “show and hide” panel until you get a “pivot table” field list on the right hand side of the screen. You will notice that screen is divided into different zones.

How to sum unique values in pivot tables?

Steps Create a pivot table, and tick “Add data to data model” Add State field to the rows area (optional) Add Color field to the Values area Set “Summarize values by” > “Distinct count” Rename Count field if desired


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