Can you get banana Nesquik?

Can you get banana Nesquik?

Banana flavour milkshake mix with added vitamin C and D for milk. Nesquik wakes up your milk with a delicious banana taste; along with Vitamin D, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Is Nesquik banana powder healthy?

Enjoy Nesquik® as part of a healthy, family breakfast and balanced diet and lifestyle. A great tasting milkshake can also be nutritious! Nesquik wakes up your milk with a delicious banana taste; along with Vitamin D, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

How do you make banana Nesquik?

NESQUIK® Banana is a delicious drink that makes milk fun without artificial colours or flavours. Simply add 2-heaped teaspoons of NESQUIK® to a glass of cold or hot reduced fat milk and stir to enjoy your delicious NESQUIK®.

Is banana Nesquik discontinued?

@SmallBizKY Unfortunately, Banana was discontinued due to low sales volume. We’ll pass along your interest in seeing it back. Banana nesquik needs to stay!

What are the ingredients in banana Nesquik?


  • Sugar,
  • Maltodextrin,
  • Natural Flavouring,
  • Vitamins: C, D,
  • Colours: Carotenes.

How much sugar is in banana Nesquik?

Table of Nutritional Information

Per 100ml** % RI*
Fat 1.7 g 5%
of which: saturates 1.1 g 11%
Carbohydrates 9.0 g 7%
of which: sugars 8.3 g 19%

Why did they stop making banana Nesquik?

Why Does banana flavoring taste different than bananas?

When you break down the artificial banana flavor, it comes down to one compound: isoamyl acetate. So it’s not that the fake banana flavor doesn’t taste like bananas, it’s that bananas don’t taste as flavorful as they used to.

Why did they discontinue vanilla Nesquik?

Nesquik Vanilla Powder was introduced in 1979, but this was discontinued in 2006 due to low sales.

How many flavors of Nesquik are there?

Nestle Nesquik Variety Pack, 6 Flavors, 14 oz Plastic Bottles, Pack of 12 –

What are the 9 flavors of Nesquik?

  • Chocolate.
  • Double Chocolate.
  • Strawberry.
  • Vanilla.
  • Dark Chocolate.

Is Nesquik good for health?

Long answer. Inflammation in the body is responsible for numerous body ailments, including psychological disorders, fertility disorders, fatigue, and general achiness—just to name a few! It is near impossible to avoid sugar completely. However, Nesquik should be consumed as a special treat, not as a daily morning breakfast drink.

Does Nestle Nesquik contain caffeine?

99% caffeine free Because NESQUIK is specially pasteurized, you can store it in your pantry without having to refrigerate it. Just remember to put it in the fridge once it is opened. New (7) from $35.79 & FREE Shipping

Is Nesquik syrup gluten free?

According to the Clan Thompson Food Smartlist, Newquik Syrup (all flavors) and ready-to-drink milk (all flavors) ARE GLUTEN FREE. No mention of the powder. Clan Thompson generally is relevant to both Canada and US, but not UK necessarily. Here’s the info from the Nestle/Nesquik homepage on the powder.


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