Can you play Blu-ray on a MacBook Air?

Can you play Blu-ray on a MacBook Air?

One thing, however, the MacBook (Air and Pro), iMac, or the Mac Mini, cannot do is play Blu-Ray discs. Well, at least not natively. Luckily, for us movie lovers, there is an easy workaround. All you need to play Blu-Ray discs on your Mac is a third-party Blu-Ray player software and an external Blu-Ray drive.

How can I play a Blu-ray on my Mac?

Starts here3:49How to Play Blu-ray on Mac! – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip58 second suggested clipWith your Mac. You’re going to be able to play any blu-ray DVD or CD Under. The Sun. So in otherMoreWith your Mac. You’re going to be able to play any blu-ray DVD or CD Under. The Sun. So in other words you can finally enjoy optical.

Can I play movies on my MacBook air?

In the QuickTime Player app on your Mac, open a video or audio file. Move the pointer anywhere over the video to show the playback controls. (Controls for audio files are always visible.) Use the playback controls to play the video or audio file; you can drag the controls to move them out of the way.

How do I play a Blu-ray on my Mac 2020?

To play Blu-rays with this method, follow these steps:

  1. Download VLC and install it.
  2. Download the latest beta of MakeMKV and install it. ( Make sure you validate the downloaded file’s checksum before you open it, just to be safe.)
  3. Open MakeMKV and go to Preferences > Integration .
  4. Close MakeMKV and open VLC.

Is Quicktime free for Mac?

Is Quicktime free? The full Quicktime Pro does require a paid purchase before it can be installed, however, the scaled-down Quicktime is available for free.

What is the best Blu ray software for Mac?

Roxio Toast is probably the best Blu Ray Software currently available for the Mac. Roxio has been updating Toast since the late 90’s and they are committed to staying up to date with their software including Blu Ray.

What is the best Blu ray player?

The Sony UBP-X800 is the best 4K Blu-ray player because it makes non-4K content look better than most other players. Its upscaled content also surpasses the scaling capabilities offered by most 4K TVs.

What is the best free Blu ray player software?

Answer: The Best Blu-ray Ripping Software is VLC Media Player, which is the popular media player frequently used by users. VLC Media Player is the free player that allows users to play an unprotected Blu-ray disk or to play Blu-ray iOS files on your computer. => Contact us to suggest your listing here. List of Top Blu Ray Player Software

What is the best external Blu ray drive?

After researching more than 70 optical drives across four years, testing more than a dozen, and surveying more than 300 readers, we’ve found that the LG GP65NB60 is the best USB DVD drive and the Pioneer BDR-XD05B is the best external Blu-ray drive—if you need an optical drive at all.


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