Can you put fan isolator switch in bathroom?

Can you put fan isolator switch in bathroom?

Answer: The provision of isolating devices for extract fans in bathrooms or shower rooms is not specifically addressed in BS 7671. A fan isolator mounted adjacent to the fan would fulfill the requirement for switching off for mechanical maintenance. The switch need not necessarily interrupt the neutral conductor.

Do Bathroom extractor fans need a fused spur?

The fan also requires a local means of switching off for mechanical maintenance (537.3. 2.5) and, therefore, a standard switch fused spur should suffice, unless there is a permanent live also required; in which case the switch will need to be double-pole.

Do I need an isolator switch for bathroom fan?

You only need an isolator for the fan, if you want to be able to isolate the fan. There’s no law or Regulation stating you must have an isolator. In fact, unless you are wired directly to the incoming supply you have an isolator, the main switch or an MCB/fuse in you Consumer Unit.

Do I need an isolator for a bathroom fan?

The regulations stipulate the size of motor before an isolator is required and a bathroom fan is too small to need an isolator. However regulations also say you should follow manufacturers instructions and most say fit an isolator. I would always fit one because fans do fail and this could mean no lights.

Does a bathroom fan need its own switch?

If the bath exhaust fan includes a separate light the light may use the same power circuit as the fan but will require its own switching circuit. If the bath vent fan includes a separate electric heater, the heater will usually require its own separate circuit and control switch.

Do you need an isolator for a bathroom fan?

Does a fan isolator switch have a fuse?

The box you are describing does not contain a fuse. It’s called a fan isolator. These are put in so that the fan can be switched off without having to turn the entire lighting circuit off. Inside there is a permanent live, used for the timer function, a switched live connected to the light and a neutral.

Can I wire a bathroom fan to the light switch?

You can run your bathroom fan on the same switch as your lights. It solves other problems, so it’s not a bad idea even if you have two switches. This kind of arrangement isn’t a bad idea anyway. It’s safe to assume if someone is in the bathroom, the light is on.


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