Can you use VLOOKUP in data validation?

Can you use VLOOKUP in data validation?

The VLOOKUP function in Excel can become interactive and more powerful when applying a Data Validation (drop down menu/list) as the Lookup_Value. So as you change your selection from the drop-down list, the Excel VLOOKUP value also changes.

Can you VLOOKUP filtered data?

The VLOOKUP function can help you to find and return the first matching value by default whether it is a normal range or filtered list. Sometimes, you just want to vlookup and return only the visible value if there is a filtered list.

Does VLOOKUP work on hidden cells?

If you are familiar with the VLOOKUP command in Excel you may be interested to know that Vlookup counts hidden columns as well as the visible columns when deciding which columns information to bring back.

How do I create a VLOOKUP list?

Select ‘Function’ (Fx) > VLOOKUP and insert this formula into your highlighted cell. Enter the lookup value for which you want to retrieve new data. Enter the table array of the spreadsheet where your desired data is located. Enter the column number of the data you want Excel to return.

How do I create a VLOOKUP list in Excel?

How to use VLOOKUP in Excel

  1. Click the cell where you want the VLOOKUP formula to be calculated.
  2. Click Formulas at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Lookup & Reference on the Ribbon.
  4. Click VLOOKUP at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  5. Specify the cell in which you will enter the value whose data you’re looking for.

Is VLOOKUP hard to learn?

While Vlookup is only one function in the world of spreadsheet management, its perhaps the most valuable and impactful one you can learn. By the way, you can also use its sister function, Hlookup, to search for values in Horizontal rows instead of Vertical columns. Take 5 minutes and learn Vlookup.

Does Vlookup work on hidden rows?

How do you do a VLOOKUP?

The syntax is VLOOKUP (value,data range,col no.,FALSE). It says to Excel, “Go to the data range. Find a row that has (value) in the first column of the data range. Return the (col no.)th value from that row. Once you get the hang of it, it is very simple and powerful.

How to do vlookups when Key Field is not in left column?

There it is – the MATCH () function tells the Index function which row to look in – you are done. Take the Index function, replace our question mark with the MATCH function, and you can now do the equivalent of VLOOKUPs when the key field is not in the left column.

Why does VLOOKUP not work with -1 as the column number?

When the key field is to the right of the data you want to retrieve, VLOOKUP will not work. If only the VLOOKUP would accept -1 as the column number, there would be no problem. But, it doesn’t.

What is the difference between VLOOKUP from a different sheet?

Vlookup from a different sheet is very much similar to the Vlookup from the same sheet, so here we have changed in the ranges, as here we have different worksheets. We have a table in sheet number 2 as per the following image; we will find the result of this student in sheet number 3 from their roll nos.


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