Did Youfit go out of business?

Did Youfit go out of business?

Youfit filed for bankruptcy with a tentative deal to sell itself to lenders in exchange for debt forgiveness, court papers show. It won approval of the sale in December after agreeing to notify gym-goers that their memberships would be transferred to the new owners.

How many Youfit locations are there?

80 locations

Type Private
Number of locations 80 locations (2021)
Area served 10 states in the United States
Key people Brian Vahaly, CEO
Services Personal training Group fitness Nutritional Services

Does Planet Fitness own Youfit?

If you’ve ever stepped foot in both Planet Fitness and Youfit, you’ve likely recognized some similarities between the two. Both chain gyms were founded by the same man. Planet Fitness came first, but after the founder sold the trademark in 2002, he decided to create Youfit based on Planet Fitness’s success.

What gym is purple green?

Youfit Health
All Youfit Health Clubs in the 55-unit chain sport the same purple and green decor.

Who bought Youfit?

A lender group that includes Birch Grove Capital LP and Goldman Sachs Bank USA purchased YouFit’s business out of bankruptcy by forgiving $85 million in debt.

What happened to YouFit?

YouFit spokesperson Evan Nierman told the South Florida Business Journal: “As it did for many industries, including other health clubs, the pandemic hit Youfit hard, and we have made the decision to restructure the company through a bankruptcy filing. YouFit is the latest club company to file for bankruptcy.

What is YouFit annual fee?

YouFit Monthly Memberships
Standard Membership
Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $0.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $10.00
Annual Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $39.99

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